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If you tuned into the this year’s MTV Video Music Awards 2012, you probably saw some great red carpet looks, some hmmm…ok red carpet looks or some WTF is that??…carpet looks. Tune-in below where we give you some of our critics of the VMA red carpet madness…

First up, we have the bajan princess, Rihanna, clad in a white dress, a popping red lip and short jet-black haircut.

She looks great! The best red carpet look of the evening! Now, take that for cockiness!!

Next up, Taylor Swift…*cues Beyonce fan*…

Taylor decided to join Rihanna in the white family and tear the carpet down! She also looks great! Good job Taylor!

Katy Perry brings her fireworks to the red carpet, drifting in a color lace number looking quite exquisite. Another good look for Katy! She’s poppington!

Miley Cyrus hit the carpet a daring dark lace number with her new bleached haircut in tow. I’m not mad at Miley for this one! Not a bad look at all.

But she needs to take about 10 steps away from the bleach bottle before she fades away or Amber Rose might burn her with Wiz’s blunt.

*cues Bands Will Make Her Dance*….Nicki Minaj strikes a pose on the carpet looking sexaayyy! This is definitely Nicki all the way! Nice look!

The UK’s One Direction hit the carpet of red looking quite dapper! These fellas never miss a beat. Good job!


Pink is giving me the Honey Boo Boo stance with the six-pack belly poked out…I can’t. The dress is so not form-fitting. She has a great body and the dress did absolutely nothing for her stature. Sorry Pink…you get the #Ratchet stamp for this one babes…

Normally, it’s a hit or miss with Alicia Keys. This time around, it’s definitely not a bad look! Keys pulled this off nicely  in her own way. I still could use a bit more though…idk. The hair could have used a bit more work and more accessories could have been added as well. All in all, #Good job Alicia!

Demi Lovato was on her way to her first day of school…#Bad

Comedian Kevin Hart turns up with some of the best eye candy ever on his arm! She’s bad! Sheesh.

Shouts out to Kevin for receiving the All-Black-Everything Award! #Good Looks!

*That was not a joke ladies & gents. I was talking about just the clothes. Don’t try it. Ok…bye.*


Jesus be a fix.


In This Edition of Bed-Hair…

*in tears of sadness*…I love love me some Zoe Saldana, but THIS…

I have no more words…moving on…

So, Ke$ha just stole all the chocolate chips from Cornerstone and made a dress out of it?


Looks like someone tried to pull a Gwen Stefani with the hair…hmmm…

The Wanted came out competing with One Direction! Another great looks fellas!

You know, what can I say about these two? They’re truly happy and now have a bun in the oven. Congrats guys!

I will get to Wiz Khalifa‘s high-water pants and scarecrow shoes later, which you can’t see at the moment, thank God.

But the preggers edition of Amber Rose looks wonderful! Love the look! #Good job Amber!

Skittles Watson Emma Watson should leave runway looks on the RUNWAY.

All she needs is her magic wand and a cape from the set of Harry Potter…

And then she brings Ezra Miller along who clearly came in on a horse carriage…sigh. #Ratchet

What can I say…Frank Ocean is just Frank Ocean…

I respect him for this…and I have no clue why. *shrugs*

fun. was in the building and I actually like the look! Matches their personalities perfectly! #Good one fellas!

Oh Rita Ora…how art thou Rita?

I can’t let you past with this one babes. I love you…but you look like a disco ball.


The homie Ne-Yo came through looking quite Fly! The sneakers are dope as well! #Good looks sir!

Style Connoisseurs, Big Sean and Tyga hit the carpet in their own special way…#SWAGU!

Love the looks on both of them minus Tyga’s gloves. We past that. All in all, very Fly!

Vinnie from Jersey Shore decides to wear a jacket from…Jersey Shore. #Ratchet

Mac Miller stays in the guidelines of his own everyday style. I dig it. #Good looks homie!

So…ummm…ok…I…will…leave….this….alone. #Ratchet

I’ll take jacket though…#IJS

Gabby Douglas did it on ’em!! POW!! She looks great!

So…RuPaul steps out of the ritual lacefront into a grand ‘ole pair of mandals. #Ratchet

Scott Disick (The Kardashians) is coming back for his attire as well. Run RuPaul! RUN!!!

Can I get a bag of Maria Menounos to go please?! She looks goooood!!

John Orzco and Diashi Lumumba Kasongo hit the carpet. Happy for them both but Diashi….could use a little help. He looks like he is sweating coffee beans in that velvet blazer…

My my my…The Saturdays. Freakin’ #Amazeboots!!!! Definitely one of my favorite picks for the night!

What are your thoughts of the entire VMA Red Carpet?

Pics provided by MTV




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