Dawn Richard formerly of Danity Kane and Diddy’s Dirty Money has released the high fashion, high concept short-film “Wild N’ Faith” today. Wild N’ Faith is the third and final visual from her successful and #1 EP, Armor On which was released this past March. The video, directed by Marina & The Diamonds director, ELY shows the R&B diva in battle, losing the fight and restoring faith in warriors that have lost their way. Going the independent route, Dawn can testify that on her journey (much like the video) she has had to hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil. Doesn’t hurt to do it in Brian Lichtenberg or Jeffrey Campbell’s!

I can’t be mad at an artist that consistently proves their worth in music! Great job Dawn! Wow!!!!!!


In other news, Dawn is gearing up for her Goldenheart release, October 16th and has released a behind-the-wardrobe photo (pictured above) – an introduction to the fashion behind the Goldenheart album.  This is the first peak of the armor in the Heart trilogy.

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