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Although the reviews have been mixed, the film Sparkle grossed $12M at the box office over the weekend.

The remake of the 1976 classic entered into the box office in 5th place this weekend with $12M in ticket sales keeping in mind that Sparkle was in 1500 less theaters than it’s counter parts.



Word on the street is that rapper, Nicki Minaj may be a judge on American Idol …


Sources are buzzing that she’s set to join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson on the upcoming season. Allegedly, two sources have confirmed the scoop to US Weekly with one saying, “I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it. A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.” Another said, “Nicki is “100% confirmed to judge American Idol.”

So far, no announcement has been made. I will say this though, I think this makes more sense for ratings in oppose to making REAL sense for the competition. In my humble opinion, American Idol is a —> Singing Competition. Therefore, the judges should have one of two qualifications. One, be a great singer, with a great resume of hit singles and albums behind them. Nicki is NOT  a great Singer. Or, two, be an amazing Songwriter, composer, producer who HAS WORKED with amazing singers. When the audition process for American Idol roles around, candidates are judged on there VOICES alone, not appearance, not choreography and not style. The show owes it to the candidates to have the best qualified judges available. This doesn’t work for me.

But these are just my thoughts.

What are yours?
-Stay Fly!

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