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“When I saw Joseline jump up and WWF his a—, what was I supposed to do? I’m just scoot on over and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me. Ahhh!” At least Mimi and Joseline can seem to agree on one thing. Therapy never hurt nobody! Mimi and Stevie J‘s therapy session last week got real when Dr. Jeff got Stevie to admit he was a liar, and both of their abandonment issues were laid on the table. To get things back right with Mimi, Stevie J heads to the park with her and their adorable two-year-old daughter. Of course enjoying the time with their baby led to a discussion about Stevie J’s ways. “I don’t want you to think or get so comfortable that you think I’m so cool that anything goes,” said Mimi. “I’m not that cool.” Stevie drops the bomb on Mimi that he wants Mimi and Joseline to go to therapy together with him so they can move forward. Not a good look, Stevie. Going to counseling with your main chick and side chick is a bomb waiting to explode. “I’m in a relationship with Stevie, not Joseline. So why in the f— would I have Joseline at my therapy session?” Karlie Redd is ready to make music.   In order to work with Stevie J she has to make a song with Joseline, so why not invite the chick you have to work with to lunch? Joseline is not in the least bit moved by Karlie’s attempt to reconcile. “Ok, well your manager can’t agree with my manager if he’s no longer my manager,” said Joseline. “You don’t have to do a song with me, you can just work with Stevie.” Karlie, not knowing how to leave the past in the past wants Joseline to admit she was right about Stevie J and Joseline messing around. But Joseline’s not having it. “Why was you so worried about me messing with Stevie anyway? You must want to mess with him.” Karlie uses this as an opportunity to tell Joseline she’s messing with Benzino instead.

And again, Joseline really couldn’t care less, but she plays along for entertainment’s sake. Scrappy‘s in the studio listening to music while Shay dances for him. He wants Rasheeda to listen to the track and possibly collaborate on, but when she arrives she’s perplexed as to why Shay is there. “What’s up with all that?” asks Rasheeda. Rasheeda’s not buying his “that’s the homie” answer. She lets him know Erica is hurt over their breakup. Scrappy’s shocked because both he said he’s never seen her cry, but Rasheeda told him Erica has shed a few tears. He tries to convince Rasheeda he’s done, but she doesn’t believe him.

Benzino hooked Karlie up with a photo shoot for Hip Hop Weekly. When he comes to the shoot he wants Karlie to clear everything up with her label since they think dating him is a bad idea. Karlie assures him that situation will never happen again. “You are the pieces to my puzzle,” she says before handing him a puzzle piece dog chain. How sweet. The ladies — Ariane, Mimi and K.Michelle — meet up with Rasheeda to support the track she did on Scrappy’s song. “Can you make room for K.Michelle’s ass, please,” said Ariane. “It’s its own little contrampment,” Rasheeda adds. We don’t know what a contrampment is, but we do know K.Michelle has a nice donk. Rasheeda’s a bit sad that Kirk didn’t show up. Changing the subject since talking about Scrappy is too much for Rasheeda, she tells the girls about Scrappy kissing Shay in the studio the other day.

“He done moved on the next hot pocket, huh?” says K.Michelle. Speaking of the devil, Scrappy walks in with Shay and silence commences. “My whole left leg is doing the Elvis Presley, I feel some type of way,” proclaims K.Michelle. She’s going to tell Erica about Scrappy’s new boo, but the other women don’t think that’s the best idea. Mimi comes clean to Ariane that she and Stevie are in counseling. “I thought it was just going to be a wrap because the last time we spoke, you were packing up his all of his s—,” Ariane responded. It’s safe to say Ariane thinks the counseling is pointless. And she’s actually irritated. “It’s a never ending story.” That doesn’t keep Mimi from venting about Stevie J wanting Joseline to come to one of their counseling sessions. “He’s really thinking he’s in a three-way relationship,” said Ariane. Mimi explains that Stevie’s not going to stop working with Joseline so he wants her to feel comfortable with it, but Ariane doesn’t see the point because Mimi admittedly is never going to feel comfortable. Mimi tells Ariane that Joseline called her and said, “I know you guys have a family, I know you guys been together a long time, but I’m not gonna stop f—ing him ’cause he’s got good d—.” Ariane is appalled. She wants the relationship to be over already, and wants Mimi to have no parts in this three way therapy session. But Mimi is convinced Joseline in therapy with them will get everything on the table.

“At first I thought it was asinine,” said Mimi. “But now that I think about it, let’s go ‘cause everything’s going to come out.” Who needs everything to be “laid on the table” when it’s already filled with clutter? Lawdhavemercy. As promised K.Michelle tells Erica that Scrappy was at his mixtape release event with Shay. Erica is speechless and obviously hurt. “I’ve been dealing with Scrappy for years. He cannot be by himself. Period. He’ll meet a b—h at the gas station and they buddy buddy.” Erica knows Scrappy so she knows this is all for show. She says she’s not going to be hurt in the end because he’ll have to come crawling back to her. Erica and K.Michelle cry about not having the family unit they want for their children, which is the really the bigger picture. To heal from being abandoned by her mom, Mimi makes good on her mom’s last wishes. (And conspiracy theorists, take note: Mimi’s mother’s middle name was Eva, hence her daughter’s name. It’s not some weird Stevie J. plot to name his daughter after Eve. Give Mimi some credit.) Mimi’s mom passed nine years ago and her last wish was to have her ashes spread across a body of water. Mimi takes Ariane with her to meet her brother to fulfill that wish. Benzino hits up his jeweler to repay her for the jewelry she got him. He also wants her to know how special she is to him. When the jeweler pulls out what looks like an engagement ring Benzino says, “I wasn’t expecting this. I got goosebumps.” Is there an engagement in the near future? Rasheeda takes Kirk to Deb Atney, the manager she went to see behind Kirk’s back. Deb tells Kirk it’s a problem that he was not happy with her seeking outside management without telling him. When Deb mentions that Kirk’s entertainment company is the common denominator in her failure, Kirk sets the record straight. “First of all, Rasheeda sells more records today than she has in her entire career.” Deb isn’t impressed. “This is some sick a— s— right now. You’re acknowledging the part you’re playing in this,” she responds. “It’s about coming from under the ground. She’s dirty. She’s stinking. She wanna come up for air. Gotd—it,” said Deb. She certainly has a way with words. Rasheeda chimes in that it’s time to separate business from personal. Deb makes it clear that her door is open for Rasheeda, but without Kirk. When the married couple leaves the session Kirk lets Rasheeda know he’s hurt that she sat by quietly while Deb attacked him as if he’d never done anything for her career. Rasheeda is all about moving forward. “You’ve taken me here, now let’s pass the baton and run this race.” Rasheeda apologizes, hostile like, but still apologized. Whether or not Deb will manage her or not is still a mystery. Stevie J stops by Benzino’s house to let him know he got Mimi and Joseline to agree to counseling…together. Like, Ariane, Benzino thinks it’s stupid. “At the end of the day, it’s about who you choose. And they know that,” said Benzino. Benzino said he’ll give Stevie J props if he can pull it off. And if he can’t? “It’ll go down in history as one of the most bumbling f— ups you ever did.” Mimi and Stevie J land back in therapy to work through their number one issues, Joseline. Dr. Jeff can’t even believe Stevie wants to do the three way counseling session. “Take a look under your shoe. I think you just stepped into some stuff again Stevie, and I think you’re trying to moonwalk your way out of this,” Dr. Jeff says. When Joseline shows up she says she didn’t know anything about Mimi the first three months she spent with Stevie J. “To me she was just like the baby mom,” she said. As if all of Stevie’s other shenanigans weren’t enough, Mimi has reached her boiling point when…wait for it, wait for it. When Stevie wipes the sweat off of Joseline’s nose while Joseline is talking Mimi loses it. Wait …. “Are you f—ing serious?” Mimi asks. Stevie J doesn’t see the problem since he always wipes her nose. When Joseline hears Dr. Jeff tell Stevie J that was wrong to do in front of the woman he’s trying to continue a relationship with, she checks for clarity. Mimi interjects, “I’m living with him Joseline.” Joseline asks Stevie, “You guys living together?” Of course Stevie never answers the question, but Mimi does. That’s all it took for Joseline to swing on Stevie and hit him repeatedly. Mimi stood by and watched and eventually Stevie J runs out. Looks like Benzino was right about this going down as one of his bumbling mess ups in history. Stay tuned to see how this will all play out. -Stay Fly!

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