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After last week’s sit down with Joseline, Mimi seemed to be headed toward the light. By the light we’re referring to the light away from Stevie J. K.Michelle has a surprise for her at the studio, but not before Mimi says she wants to go to counseling. “Is the counseling for this to be a relationship, or is the counseling for you to raise your child together, to co-parent?” asks K.Michelle. We were wondering the same thing because if you’re truly leaving someone, counseling would be unnecessary, right?

Now is as good of time as ever for K.Michelle to unleash the song she wrote for Mimi, which is the three minute version of Mimi’s soap opera of love. It looks like Mimi is a bit uncomfortable hearing everything she’s gone through with Stevie J in a song. And we understand why she would be.

Karlie is on a quest to plateau her career. Her manager, Malcolm Miles, advises her that datingBenzino is not a smart move for her career because it’s a distraction, and most importantly he thinks Benzino is irrelevant. “In the public eye I don’t know how people looking at Benzino right now,” he said. “If it’s somebody hot and relevant that’s gonna put you in a certain light—then maybe.” Is this going to end her romance with Benzino?

As promised, Joseline went to the studio with another producer behind Stevie J’s back. Stevie J of course found out and pops up at the studio. Have you noticed he does a lot of surprise visits on his women? In the lives of us regular folks that would be considered stalkerish. But I digress. He’s not happy with Joseline’s actions, not that she seems to care. “I’m going to work with you or without you,” she tells him confidently.

Now Stevie, being the gentleman that he is, reminds her that he’s going to get paid regardless and he will contact his lawyers. “You a lightweight in this thing, ma. I been doing this,” he said. It would be too much like right if he didn’t threaten to send her back to the strip club. He has a solution though. “We got to stop f—in’,” he declares. Joseline twirls around for him teasing that he can’t stop having sex with “all of this.” She suggests they throw out the contract altogether because she can no longer work with him. His response, “Im not gon’ let up on you. Because you’re a superstar.”

Rasheeda doesn’t feel too good about the fight she and Kirk had about her seeking outside management. Kirk wants the woman he fell in love with to come back. “Is that what a rapper is supposed to be? A woman who can’t have kids, and who can’t be a wife?” he asks after explaining to her how they’ve let the industry dictate their lives. Rasheeda thinks new management will be good for them both personally and professionally.

Karlie wakes up to breakfast in bed at Benzino’s house. She wasn’t expecting the key to his home, but as soon as he gives it to her, she uses this moment to tell him about her meeting with Malcolm. Benzino goes from zero to sixty in two seconds flat. He’s pissed! “If you want to let them guide your life, and everything has to be hot and cold or whatever, they need to get you a hit motherf—ing record, ’cause it’s not like you’re so mothef—ing hot yourself either.” Ouch.

Mimi and Erica go to Piedmont Park to support K.Michelle performance. Little does Mimi know, Stevie J surprises her with another song he wrote for her. Erica and Mimi side-eye him throughout the performance, but deep down Mimi’s heart is melting. Stevie J escorts her outside to get back in her good graces. Mimi has a problem with the lyrics that only allude to the “arguing, fussing and fighting,” but not to the reason why they’re arguing.

Mimi uses this as her opportunity to bring up therapy again. Although Stevie wants to continue focusing on how much they fight, Mimi needs him to understand the severity of what he’s done. “I don’t think you understand how much you hurt me, I really don’t,” she said. “You hurt me to the core,” she says through tears. “I’ll do anything to fix it,” he responds. It doesn’t look like Mimi is giving up on Stevie just yet.

While shooting pool with Buckey, I mean Shay, Scrappy tells her he talked to Erica about taking him off child support. In his slightly delusional tipsy state of mind he tells Shay that Erica won’t sign the papers because she wants to hold on to him. Oh, Scrappy. What’s going to happen if the two of these women ever meet and compare stories?

K.Michelle is ready to jump back in the dating game. On her date with pro football player Stevie Baggs she shows her flirtatious side. When he asks her what’s she’s looking for she said, “I just like to have fun. I don’t like a lot of drama.” But she doesn’t mind drama if it’s going to lead to hot sex. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if this leads to an instant romance like Karlie and Benzino.

Benzino sets up a meeting for Karlie with Vincent Herbert, Lady Gaga‘s manager. He tells Benzino the music sounds good, and he’ll see what he can do to put her in the studio with some of his producers. Now Karlie feels at ease dating Benzino since still he has a few connects in the industry. Take that Malcolm!

Well, K.Michelle wasn’t feeling her date from the other night although she had a good time. What better way to find out why she’s failing in the love department than to meet up with her college boyfriend. “I want butterflies, I want to feel something,” she said. “It’s like I can’t just settle in a situation anymore.” Her ex reminds her that she has access to the top of the food chain when it comes to men. He wants to know if she thinks it’s baggage she’s carrying from previous relationships or if the men she’s meeting aren’t quality. “I might be picking the wrong guys. I don’t know,” she said. “But I just know going home, every night, and dealing with myself, that silence is loud man,” she says. Don’t worry K.Michelle. Your prince charming will come.

Stevie J finally agrees to therapy. The no-nonsense therapist is not there for any of Stevie’s typical manipulative games. He even gets Stevie to admit that he’s a liar. “I want you to own it,” said the therapist. “I’m not trying to beat you up, I want you to own what you’ve done.” Mimi gives him her infamous side-eye. Stevie J admits he loves Mimi, but isn’t in love with her, although he wants to be back in love with her. When Joseline is mentioned the doctor asks, “So you were hitting that on the regular?”

We love that the therapist used the same lingo—hitting that—Stevie would if he were around his friends. Stevie J struggles through his answer when he’s asked if he loves Joseline. “I mean, I mean, I, yeah I love her as like a cool person, a friend, somebody I can kick it with and chill out with,” he said. He quickly reiterated that it’s Mimi he wants to be back in love with. “I’m supposed to believe that you not gon’ sleep with her again,” Mimi said.

Before getting back to the love and happiness Mimi lets him know that “doing him” isn’t going to work because it’s not like Joseline was the only woman. Mimi also isn’t let off the hook by the therapist either. “Mimi, I know you’re a strong woman, but we are going to talk about enabling behaviors. Why does a man cheat? Because a woman lets him.” The doc is able to crack through the real reason why both Mimi and Stevie stay in what most would call a dysfunctional relationship. Both of their mothers abandoned them.

Mimi’s mom left when she was a teenager in search of Scientology. And Stevie never knew his mom because his dad raised him since he was eight months old. Mimi admitted she looks for the love she always wanted from her mom in men. Stevie tries to be cool through his pain, but the doctor tells him unless he examines that pain he’s going to keep exhibiting the same behaviors. Can therapy help Stevie “keep his d— in his pants” as Benzino would say? Only one way to find out. Stay tuned!


Damn. But, still, this TV show doesn’t answer the most important question.


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