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Welcome to The Dirty South, where the players play, get into fights and wear Baby Phat rompers to the club.

Things got real last week when Joseline met up with Mimi to tell her she was pregnant by Steebie J. Mimi meets up this week with K.Michelle, Ariane for girl talk and Mimi recounts her meet up with Joseline. “What the f— are you mad about? B—h, you pregnant by my dude?”

Mimi, she meant exactly what she said. She had sex with steebie and she pregnant.


Mimi said. When Mimi gets to the part of the script  where Stevie pulls out the pregnancy test, the resounding thought is, ‘Oh, hell naw!’ although no one said that. What K.Michelle did say was, “Girl that is nasty. That is piss on a stick.”

So maybe the Georgia education system isn’t at fault.

Precisely! After the ladies cry with Mimi about heartbreak, Mimi says the words Ariane has been praying to hear for years, “I want to better myself, and I want to move forward for me and my daughter. Period.” Much easier said than done.

Momma Dee comes over to approve of Scrappy’s new “house” and chat with him about the status of his relationship with Erica But Momma Dee is more concerned with if her son and his best friend, Shay “Buckey” Johnson (you may remember Shay from Flavor of Love),

are going to cross over from platonic to romantic. “Have you hit it yet?” Momma Dee asks, hoping he’d reveal if he and Shay are knocking boots. “That’s when I come back and I say, ‘Ma stay in your lane.’ You stay out my business you feel me?” replies Scrappy. This has to be a mother/son relationship for the history books. When Scrap tells Momma Dee about Stevie J disrespecting Erica she doesn’t calm Scrappy down or steer him toward letting the situation fizzle. Instead she tells him, “You teach him to never disrespect the prince of the south ever again. Go at him. Make him answer. Check him!” she growls.

How long has Scrappy been the “Prince of The South”?

Does Mama Dee use Black’N’Mild residue as a facial cream? She is glistening hunty!

Stevie J shows up at Joseline’s apartment two days after she’s had an abortion.

Did we mention that he dropped her off at the abortion clinic? Who drops someone off at the clinic? It’s not a prescription. You know what Steebie, you are so insensitive.

What a gentleman. Joseline is not happy that he didn’t acknowledge her baby in front of Mimi. But Stevie doesn’t have time to worry with frivolous things like abortion. He’s got money to think about. Joseline is annoyed that she’s in bed taking medicine post-procedure while he’s talking about getting “bread.” “The first thing you do when you get up in my room is say we got to get back to work in a couple of days,” Joseline said. “You’re not worried about me taking care of myself, you not worried about my health.” But since he cooked her breakfast, it’s all good in Stevie’s eyes. Although we’re thinking Joseline knew the answer to the question, she still asked,

“Did you ever love me like you said you did?”

Of course he beats around the bush only half answering the question, which causes Joseline to cry.

And in typical fashion Stevie pops up over Mimi’s house to make things right. He’s such a charmer — from Joseline’s straight to Mimi’s — he has to make sure the women in his life aren’t mad at him. Mimi’s ticked that he didn’t defend her in front of Joseline. Mimi, girl, that should be the least of your concerns. “Don’t f— c’mon ma me,” she says. Mimi is fired up, and Stevie, for once, is speechless. “You not trying to argue because you don’t have no f—-n’ argument.” After Mimi has lit into Stevie’s behind with a litany of curse words she tells him to leave. “You stay in the gutter with all that s— and trash. You got that?”

Since Stevie’s charm isn’t working this time on Mimi he asks his friend Benzino, rapper and founder of The Source magazine, for advice. “If you want Mimi happy you got to be monogamous, my brother. The word of the day is monogamous,” said Benzino. The two repeat the word several times hoping it sticks in Stevie J’s head. When Stevie J says he just wants to get back to the days Mimi trusted him Benzino slightly goes H.A.M. “Then you gotta keep your motherf—ing d— in your pants,” Benzino said. Let the church say amen.

Oh, boy. Scrappy looks like he’s going to get himself in a world of trouble when his best friend Shay shows up in a scantily clad yellow two piece bathing suit. Although the “best friends” chat about the paws Scrappy wants to put on Stevie J, they also engage in a little rubbing down of lotion where Scrappy’s hands roam to Shay’s derriere. What kind of best friends are they? Scrappy kind of, but not really, reveals they’ve become “a little bit more than friends,” but he wants the “dust to settle with Erica” first. Erica, perhaps listening to your mama isn’t such a bad idea after all. Mamas always know best.

At the dance studio Joseline is back to work when Stevie stops by to check on her. Although she plays hard to get for a few minutes the game he spits weighs her down. He tells her he’s rocking with her to the wheels fall off and she gives him a hug. “Stevie is the only man, the only person in the world that motivates me like this.” What better way to make up than a private booty rolling session featuring Joseline and her lovely assets?

Erica and Scrappy are outside waiting for Stevie J when he walks out of the studio with Joseline. Everyone is calm, and Stevie attempts to be the bigger man by apologizing for calling Erica a “b—h.” Everything goes left when Scrappy calls Joseline a “b—h” and Joseline accuses Erica and Stevie J of having sex. The two women argue while Erica continues calling Joseline irrelevant. Within a blink of an eye everyone is rumbling on the ground. Scrappy’s hitting Stevie J, Erica’s being pulled from Joseline. After a few more rounds of fighting and yelling it’s hard to tell exactly what happened. “Ain’t nobody getting a check in the A now. Y’all better go to New York with that bulls—,” yells Scrappy.

The ladies — K.Michelle, Rasheeda and Mimi — meet up for lunch to talk about the fight. When Mimi tells them Stevie J called Erica a “b—h” and had never met her before Rasheeda says, “That’s why Scrappy a— went gotd— ham. You can’t say nothing about somebody disrespecting somebody baby mama.” When Erica shows up she gives the brief run down of what happened. And in her eyes, “It’s really all because you had a ho with you that didn’t know nothing ’bout nothing and running her mouth.” Yes, Erica. It had nothing to do with you telling Scrappy about Stevie J’s disrespect.

Meanwhile Joseline cooks Stevie J breakfast so they can talk about what went down. “What really threw me off is when you was like I was smashing shorty,” said Stevie J. Of course Stevie says he doesn’t remember smashing her. Does Stevie remember half the women he’s smashed?

Lawdhavemercy. Now there’s just unnecessary beef between Erica and Joseline. Why in the world would Joseline be compelled to fight for Stevie J after everything they’ve been through? One thing for sure is this has to get resolved because a sizzling hot beef that is not simmered turns out bad for everybody.

-Stay Fly!

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