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Add some dope jewelry to your collection from Luxurious Poverty! Lisette Correa (designer) is the jeweler, who has brought her company to the forefront to team up with Alicia Key‘s charity Keep A Child Alive. The line of accessories will donate 5% of it’s proceeds each month, which will go towards the successful charity foundation. Take a look below and check out the FLY jewelry line…

About Luxurious Poverty

Luxurious Poverty’s mission is simple – “Spread Love Through Art”. Our goal is to produce a fair labor and eco-friendly collection that will inspire, as well as, educate people all around the world. We take pride in making each piece from recycled goods in Downtown LA. Each design embodies a “ying and yang” double-sided silhouette to portray the idea of balance much like our way of giving back. A percentage of each luxurious item will give a luxury to someone in need. It is important to us that we bring awareness to all causes, campaigns and organizations that need your help to make the world a better place. Together we can spread each story and create a movement that will allow us to be one step closer to eliminating poverty. Through art, fashion and love we can one day share the same luxuries of life with everyone around the world. We thank you in advance for supporting our collection that has been recycled for a better purpose.
Make your purchase by heading over to Luxurious Poverty! The full site launches on this coming Tuesday!
Check out more pics below…

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