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And the beat goes on …

So police are still trying to figure out who is responsible for the bottle fight involving thugs from Drake and Chris Brown‘s debacle earlier last week at Club W.I.P., in NYC…

SFPL sources tell us that Rihanna was on her way to W.I.P. that night when she was tipped off that Drake’s emotional ass was there …

They say, Rih had no intentions on being around Drizzy and made an about face.

You Fancy Huh?

Drake has allegedly been slapped with an¬†arrest warrant and could possibly be charged with reckless endangerment, while Chris appears to be off the leash for now. ¬†Chris, of course, in true CB fashion took to Twitter to rant, but we don’t have time to post his emo tweets here, he erased them as always anyway.

Chris, have a seat.

We hope this goes away soon.

Who needs it?

-Stay Fly!

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