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And now 10/20 is in FULL SWING, After four years of fashion blogging, we’ve pretty much created a niche for spotting the trends. So we’ve decided to take our niche and spread it to the masses, by doing a fashion forecast of the Summer’s hottest brands.


In case you missed it we called this series,  10/3010 Photo Shoots. 10 Brands. in 30 Days.

For the next 30 days you can look forward to seeing the dynamic duo known as The Fly Guys, display 10 of the dopest brands sure to aid you in maintaining your ‘FLY’ during the Summer Months.

We won’t tell you what to expect, but we will tell you to … Stay Tuned!

Second up, Entree Life Style

Cementing American street wear styling with Asian sensibilities, Brooklyn bred brand Entree LS emerged under the conception to create original artwork by merging parallel cultures within graffiti, skateboarding, B-Boy, fashion and music. Now in its fifth prosperous year, Entree LS presents its summer 2012 collection the “Concrete Jungle.”  The ingenious range outlines a variety of influences through the unification of colors and designs, a splash of camouflage, diverse colorways, and a modern return of select graphics that epitomize the Misunderstood, Unknown and Underrated individuals. This selection of threads is now available at select brand retailers and

Step into the Summer Collection from Entree LS, an array of tanks, tees, snap-backs, and 5 panel hats with vibrant colors and the brands signature logo and graphic designs, giving you a dose of what you already love and expect from the brand. Dope Offerings.

Both the Tees and Tanks retail for about $32 bucks and the hats for $35. You can purchased both Here.


-Stay Fly!

[Photography By Abiel Ruiz, Styling By, The Fly Guys]

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