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Ok … Since you asked…

First Off,

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian staged a weird prank last night on Twitter. Kanye decided it would be a great idea to tweet a naked pic of Kim. Only, it wasn’t Kim.

Although it was deleted immediately, the damage had already been done as it was re tweeted millions of times and ‘Kim Kardashian’ became a trending topic.

Coincidence … we think not.

Bye Kimye.

The Reunion of the fourth season of VH1’s Basketball Wives Miami, became an episode of The Maury Show, this past week. Step on in, and see what I mean …


I was pretty shocked (well maybe not completely) at the ending of the reunion special as season long enemies, Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada shared a tearful moment of embrace after admitting during a polygraph test that they missed each other’s friendship.


The test also revealed that Jennifer is  a bit jealous of the relationship and upcoming wedding to Chad Ochocino.

But we think it was a different type of jealousy, a more I’m jealous that you are in a relationship and I’m not sort of thing. Because no one would ever really be jealous of Chad.

But with the ups comes the downs … and none of the cast members are lower than Tami Roman.


Tami, Your Still a BULLY.

And Lastly, the protaganist behind this entire franchise, Shaunie ‘Get Money’ Oneal, has turned over a new leaf.

Wait !!!!! Don’t get hype YET! Now she feels responsible for the negative events of this past season, by putting all these irrate women together.

No, Really? Your fault???? Nooooooooo …

*Files Nails*

Shaunie, I’m gonna give you a dose of your own medicine.

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