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Team Ciara (is there a name for them?) should be extatic at this point …

While on the promotional trail for her upcoming comedy That’s My Boy, Ciara announced that her new album is on the way, and it’s affectionately called… ‘One Woman Army’ .


I’m not sold on that title, but I sorta get it.

She also noted that the lead single ‘Sweat’, is on the way as well.

I for one am pretty anxious to hear the first release from her new Epic Records home, lead by the man himself, LA Reid.

And there’s good news for all you Kim-Bots out there! Lil Kim has also announced a new single.

Recently, while out on her promotional swag Kim mentioned that her new single produced by Rockwilder, will be Look like Money’. 

Kim recently mentioned having some legal issues, which is the real hold up behind her non release of singles.

We hope that’s all cleared up, because we’ve been waiting for the Queen!


-Stay Fly!

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