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For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know my frustration with the popular reality show Basketball Wives on VH1. What was once entertaining has become embarrassing and completely ratchet! Under the brink of much scrutiny, from boycotts to rumored lost sponsorships, the cast members are now stepping up to the plate to address and apologize for their UnAmazing behavior.

One of the season’s biggest bullies, Tami Roman is among the first to admit her wrong doing, peep her recent interview with Juicy Magazine below.

In the last few weeks, TAMI ROMAN has been public enemy #1. After an episode that showed ROMAN’s not so nice side toward fellow cast member KEISHA NICHOLS, people became enraged and disturbed how a woman could simply be so, mean.

Forced off Twitter, due to much of the backlash she received for her comments and behavior, ROMAN is now linked back in to social networking site and chats with JUICY.


ROMAN discusses her thoughts on the use of the word “bully,” her relationship with ROYCE REED, how EVELYN operates, and exactly what her man thinks of all the drama!


JUICY: Since you started the show, you and Royce have been extremely close, but we barely see her this season with the other girls. What is it that makes you and Royce so cool?


TR: Because in all honesty from the minute I met Royce until today she’s been the same person. She was just real with me and I can always respect somebody that just comes 100%. I may not agree with everything you’re saying but if you just give me the real then I can respect that. I could tell her “Okay you know that s**t wasn’t right; I love you but that was some bulls**t.” And she can say the same to me and we can argue and curse each other out and call each other and be like “I love you are you still going to the movies?” (You know what mean?) Its that type of relationship so for me she’s the person that I’m closet too on and off the show.


JUICY: Twitter is a such huge vehicle for celebrities to have a voice, and express how they truly feel about something without PR and other filters getting involved. What’s your take on celebrities using Twitter to air out their issues?


TR: Well that’s tricky, if I have a problem with somebody I like to take it directly to the source. Now the problem presents itself when I don’t know how to get to you. So for me if you’re on Twitter and I need to say something to you I might take it to Twitter. I try not to beef like cursing people out and all that type of stuff I try not to do that. I try to keep it professional and then handle it that way. You know I’ve had my conversations on Twitter with people at one time or another yes I have. (Laughs)


JUICY: EVELYN and JENNIFER drama got really explosive at one point, how do you feel about their beef?


TR: You know the two of them are going through their situation right now. EVELYN she doesn’t operate like,’You’re forty and you’re fighting on TV!’. I can tell you Evelyn she doesn’t work that way. If you set it off with her she’s going to set it off with you.

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Tami also took her talents over to the Wendy Williams Show to apologize as well as discuss just how this effects her family, namely her two daughters who were attacked on the Social Network, Twitter alongside their Mom.


I’m still somewhat annoyed with her behavior, but I do commend her for aknowledging her foolish and embarrassing ways and being woman enough to apologize.

Maybe now I’ll watch the Reunion. 

-Stay Fly!

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