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Point Blank, a real man can pull off anything, including the color pink.

Real Fashion has no limits or restrictions and for those of you fellas who associate colors with masculinity, think again.

On the eve of shooting 17-25, scoring 41 points, and grabbing 10 rebounds in Miami’s closeout game 6 victory over the Indiana Pacers Thursday night, Dwyane Wade made earlier waves when he hopped off the bus and headed in to the arena.

Exuding nothing but swag and confidence as if he just KNEW he was gonna have an amazing night on the court, The baller emerged clad in a white button up shirt, a scarf tied to his wrist (no clue what that was about), tan belt, pink pants, and a pair of Kanye West designed Louis Vuitton Jasper sneakers.


My only wish would have been a different shoe. A loafer, preferably one that color blocks pink would have stolen the show.

But this man gets a round of applause in my book for emerging into the arena in such a dapper way.

D-Wade is our Fly Guy Of The Day.

-Stay Fly!

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