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Ryan Lane‘s talent speak for itself! His wittiness, drive and persistence leads him to be the major vocalist, writer and dancer that he demonstrates to this very day. Take a peek at his newest track entitled “End of Story” after the jump…


Ryan has a bright future ahead of him and SFPL is here to support him all the way! Congrats bro!


About Ryan Lane

“Nothing comes easy but with hard work, faith, passion and family you can take over the world “-Ryan Lane

If you are a true R&B fan, you can appreciate an artist who is naturally talented and immediately grabs the ears of all those listening. The music industry is so saturated with generic gimmicks, that when a true talent emerges, it is so refreshing. Ryan Lane is one of those rare talents.

Trained at the Harlem Boys Choir and surrounded by various music genres Ryan Lane’s natural music talents became visible to world at a very young age. His unique talents captured the attention of well-known tastemakers and opened many doors within various areas of entertainment domestically and internationally.

In 2007, Ryan Lane joined his brothers Project 718, an amazing R&B group from Brooklyn which has been set out to make history. This impeccably talented group, signed to Capitol Records, has been ready to, along with Ryan, be introduced to the world.

Besides his music interest, Ryan Lane shares his music gift and dancing abilities with children around New York City. Teaching at a local Mt. Vernon elementary school and holding weekend dancing classes for children, Ryan’s talents and amazing heart has gotten him the respect of many parents who are not economically equipped to have their kids in fancy dance schools. With Ryan’s help and discipline they have been equally trained.

Today Ryan Lane’s vision is to be in a successful position in entertainment in general, from being an artist to having endorsements and being in movies, unquestionably, tapping into all aspects of the industry. There’s definitely not a doubt that with his soothing voice and his high level of energy, he is here to entertain the masses.

So what is next for Ryan Lane?  With his career already blooming my best advice is to sit back and watch this star shine.

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