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Dawn Richard poses for Regard Magazine‘s April/May issue shot by celebrity fashion photographer Dimitry L. showing off her bodacious curves and flawless skin. In the article, Dawn talks about the recent success with her Armor On project breaking onto Billboard charts.

At only 28 years old, Dawn Richard has already been a whirlwind music career. We all remember her from the R&B/Pop smashing group Danity Kane where she shared the spotlight with other big personalities amongst the ladies. She later joined P. Diddy in the short-lived trio Diddy – Dirty Money. And now a breath of fresh air has caught all of us by surprise. Rather than fold her cards, Dawn is currently working on a solo project, which bears a whole new sound and style that we absolutely love! Let’s catch up with the gorgeous young music star and see how it all unfolded.

Being a part of Danity Kane really put you on the map. It also gave you the access that most people would love to take their music careers. What drawbacks did you experience when the group broke up despite your success?

There were no drawbacks. I didn’t allow them. When one chapter closes, you have to start a new one. For me, if you allow yourself to think there are drawbacks then there will be some. I decided that I would just go harder and find a way to stay dancing inside the music.

Obviously, P. Diddy appreciated your musical talent to the point of creating a group specifically with you (Diddy – Dirty Money). And that says a lot! What did you enjoy most about this experience?

I enjoyed the freedom to dream sonically and lyrically. It was less “boxed,” more “innovative” and that was the place where I dwelled. So, I was in my element. The edge. The rawness. The sound we created became a platform for others. Whether they admit it or not, we broke boundaries with that album.

For the entire interview go to www.regardmag.com.

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