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This week the newest Ambrose client is none other than the Brat-tat-tat!!!


The Brat is known for her not- as ratchet rap lyrics and her tough demeanor. Although her best friend is Mariah Carey, her style doesn’t translate as it does to her music royal friends.

What’s a goon to a goblin? How do you change a thug to a rap princess? Well, luckily June and her team have the skills to make the transition as painless as possible [but I get the feeling Tukie has brass knuckles in her purse if things get too real]

June takes Da Brat [and Eli] to Giuseppe Zanotti so that Brat can try on some pumps to elongate her frame and work on her red carpet skills.

The shoes look so dope on her feet, she’s not a novice at walking in heels, but you can see the discomfort in her face. Not to be outdone, June takes out a “fat vest” that is about 20 pounds overweight so that she experience a walking with a few extra pounds.

June does look pretty fly in her Uncle Phil everything! Brat does not seem enthused.

Listen Shawntae, June knows what she’s doing. she can make a garbage bag look FLY.

Ask Missy.

Her braids are very South Central 90’s rioting chic. But a lot of things have happened since then. By updating her look, she can appeal to different markets and get a wider fan base.

We hear you chile, we hear you.

If you like it, then you’ll put a wig  on it!

Once we flatiron the bangs and give her a Chinese bang, the look will be complete. Sort of.

After cramming into some Spanx, she feels like a “Polish sausage,” and then she rejects the lace top June has chosen, so June puts her in a kilt with a leather jacket.

The look is so versatile. The unlaced boots give her that extra edge.

The final stop in this journey is a fantasy photoshoot!

The first look in this fantasy photoshoot is “porn star baby doll” I don’t know whose fantasy that would be.

In this look, she was “Hip-Hop Anna Wintour”

She pulled it off.

Her eyes are focused!

It might be a while before she’s fully comfortable with her new look, but Brat says:

We’ll see.



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