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Over at the Ambrose Agency, June informs her assistant Eli that their next makeover client will be none other than

Well, not necessarily THIS Aubrey O’Day. More like this one:

June has her work cut out for her.

When Eli gives June his opinion about this, June appears a bit apprehensive, yet optimistic.

After June takes that all in, they can start their new project

They met in Midtown, at the Museum of Sex [where they do that at?] where they will discuss Aubrey’s transformation in detail, and how to get from sex kitten to future woman in charge

Once their meeting is over, June says that Aubrey is very pleasant person, and is eager to get started on her brand new look. Once she gets back to the office, she is surprised to see her assistant Rachel [the girl who was careless with $500,000+ worth of clothes that feel in dog doo-doo] take notes on an iPHONE, and not on a note pad.

She says that she wants to accomplish three things with Aubrey

1. Upscale her look

2.Make sure she’s red carpet ready

3. Schedule a photo shoot

Eli then takes Rachel to pull some looks for the shoot, but Rachel gets distracted by some of the garments [which can be found at Loehmann’s]. June wants Aubrey to upscale her look, yet feel comfortable in what she would wear

Aubrey feels masculine, as though she’s lost tons of weight in baggier jeans, and as though she has been dressing up in her mother’s closet.

Not the best scenarios.

June realizes that Aubrey isn’t in tune with fashion because she doesn’t shop, at least shop often. June decides that they’re going to go shopping, and the first store they hit up is Dagny and Barstow at The Bowery.

Aubrey seems very comfortable, and the pieces that she selects do not disappoint!

All goes well until Aubrey picks out a shirt, with no pants. As in, the shirt IS the outfit. At that point, June gets upset.

However, June does not stay upset. Instead of bashing her look, she then tells how to make that outfit work into a complete look that people who wouldn’t necessarily identify with Aubrey would find her hip, and relatable.

If you pair the shirt with a rustic jean and a pashmina, with sunglasses, the look is a hit.

Such a dope look!

June drops tons of jewels.. of thought onto Aubrey and tells her that “once you’re a superstar, there are no days off, everyday should be a film” and at that moment it all clicks to Aubrey.

June took her a spot that purposely has paparazzi so that Aubrey could get some stage practice [no pun intended] for her next red carpet appearance.

Aubrey doesn’t fail the test, but she does instruct her to keep those lips soft, and to not rely on the “pouty look”

Eli and Rachel go for a return, [in a car service, after June told them about car services] and Rachel can’t stop complaining, nor can she refrain from making everything about her.

The shade is ridiculous!

June is sending Aubrey to a Lambourghini x Nuvo event and she wants the press to see Aubrey in a more high fashion look however, when she stops over to the office, she lets them know she just came back from a business meeting dressed like:

That is a very distracting look for a business meeting. [June is giving such a shady look in the mirror, iLIVE]

When June finds out that Aubrey doesn’t wear any bras, she doesn’t seem surprised.

Eli is trying to show Rachel the ins and outs of the business, however Rachel wants to do things her way.. when she understands what’s expected of her, because she never knows what to do.

This is why GOD created internships!

Rachel understands the idea of fashion, however she isn’t someone that can be molded, she doesn’t understand concepts and how to translate fabric into a story that people will want to understand.

She gets very sassy and June is not here for that!

Tukie to the rescue!

Tukie and Eli work really well together [his words] because “Rachel is just non-existent at this point”

Rachel doesn’t know what is expected of her at a styling agency.

3 hours later, and they Aubrey hasn’t arrived to the shoot yet. She’s a bit nervous about her transition from blonde bombshell to red-haired maiden.

This is going to get very interesting.

Although she arrives a bit late, she is smiling from ear to ear and it’s easy to tell that the red hair is liked by her, and everyone else.

The transformation is complete!

Now, we just need a Danity Kane reunion.



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