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Last Night In NYC, Dawn Richard invited NYC’s elite media and socialites to come out, having a few drinks, network and take a listen to her newest project release of ‘Armor On’ EP held at lower east side’s Open House.

Hosting last night’s event was the one and only K. Foxx from Hot 97!

Dawn’s parents were on deck for support! They absolutely love their daughter and it was great to see and feel the love of such a close family.

Actor Keith Robinson was in the building.

Model/Actress Liris Crosse came out to support.

(L-R) Songwriter Carla Carter, Producer/Songwriter Druski and Songwriter Anthez Williams were all on deck.

Carla wrote majority of the ‘Armor On’ project, along with Dawn herself and Druski who actually produced the entire project as well.

Get ready for some refreshing new music!

The EP is very beat-driven with Dawn’s soulful vocals in tow. Dawn and Druski wanted to introduce a new sound into the musical arena and I think they have done a great doing so. The EP is very good and hopefully everyone will adapt to the new sound that she is trying to deliver.

Purchase ‘Armor On’ EP via iTunes HERE!  It’s only $5.99!

More pics below…

[Photo Credit: SFPL Photographer Abiel Ruiz]

Also, peep a short video of Dawn’s listening event while she introduces some new tracks…

Video provided by From~L.A.~2~N.Y.C.

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