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Reebok launches Classics Icons campaign with Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz and Mike Posner at NY Knicks on March 14th. Special guest Brandy stopped by to say hello in support of the “It Takes a Lot to Make a Classic” initiative.

**Due to tour schedules, Tyga was unable to attend however he is part of the Classics Icons campaign as well.

Working alongside a number of recording artists from around the globe , such as Ross, Tyga and Posner,

Reebok’s “Icons” campaign tells the story of each of these musicians as they embark on their journey to

one day become a classic in their own right. They work tirelessly for their craft, running purely on their

dreams and passions.

Through the campaign, Reebok explains to be a Classic takes ambition and relentless hard work to earn

respect. Overcoming obstacles, challenges and tackling adversity face on – it’s these moments that shape

one’s life and create the story that defines them. Reebok Classics is celebrating that journey and seeks to

inspire the work of creators everywhere through this campaign – passing the torch to all the artists and

innovators who have an unwavering hunger and persistence to achieve Classic status.

“Reebok’s ‘It Takes a Lot to Make a Classic’ campaign is designed to inspire people with real life stories of

Classics in the making, and our Icons collection is the perfect companion for those willing to put in the

time,” said Todd Krinsky, Vice President of Reebok Lifestyle and Entertainment. “Reebok’s Icons line has

earned respect because of its longevity and timeless sense of style. This collection became iconic from

the moment it hit the street.”

Kicking off in the US on March 22nd, Reebok’s “It Takes a Lot to Make a Classic” campaign will debut with

short films, digital, print, and OLA media executions featuring Tyga, Mike Posner and Rick Ross. The

campaign will subsequently expand globally and will include digital, OLA, print, and social media.

Reebok’s campaign features Icon footwear styles including the Ex-o-Fit, WorkOut and Freestyle.

Hitting the scene for the first time in 1983, the Reebok Ex-o-Fit was a must-have for young men who

made fitness an integral part of their day, and was quickly adopted by the streets as a pure fashion

staple. Reebok spun countless colors and materials, while keeping the Exo-Fit’s signature “Gum” bottom.

A retro style that’s still incredibly fresh after 25 years, the WorkOut was nicknamed the “Soulja” by iconic

music artists like the Hot Boys who would call out “Souljas” in their songs. The authentic “Ice” bottom

featured on the WorkOut became Reebok’s biggest outsole execution.

An iconic “must-have” of the 1980’s pop culture scene, the Reebok Freestyle will forever go down in

history as the athletic shoe that changed the face of women’s fitness. The Freestyle represents Reebok’s

history as the brand that pioneered the women’s fitness movement and started the high-top fashion


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