[Last Night In NYC] Lauriana Mae Headlines at SOB’s along with Ronnie “Ro” James & Lance Drummonds

Last night was filled with tremendous talent through the speakers, which paralleled into the air to give us a quintessence of great musical talent.

First up, we have the raw and soulful sounds of Ronnie “Ro” James, who raved the crowd with his very own cover of Radiohead‘s “Creep” and finished his set with an original joint titled “Be Better”. Ronnie is definitely the future of music! Please play close attention to his every move.

Next up, we have pianist, songwriter and crooner, Lance Drummonds who gave such an excellent performance that the crowd could not stop talking about after his set. Lance performed a few of his original tunes mixed with dope classic covers. If you didn’t know how to play the piano before, you would run to the nearest piano teacher to get lessons after seeing his performance. Lance has a way of fortifying lyrical content in correlation with key transitions that would absolutely blow you away. He is amazing!

Last but not least, we have the incomparable Lauriana Mae! This fearless vintage glammed-kitten ripped the stage an half with her effortless performance. Coming from the reality series of Diddy’s Starmaker, Lauriana is still #Winning in her very own lane. Not to mention, she is setting trends with the help of her dope stylist, Kendrell Bowman. Lauriana is on my list for the Takeover of #2012! You heard it here first!


Thanks To TheNext2Shine.com For The Dope Pics!

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