Ahhhhh, Now we get it!

Earlier this week, Amber Rose attempted to air out “air quotation marks” Kim Kardashian with accusations of being Kanye West‘s mistress while Amber and Ye were together. [Read Post Here.]

We were so confused as to WHY she’s saying all this, three years later.

And now the truth has been revealed.

This lady has a project to promote! She has just released the cover art for her first official single ‘Fame’.

On Tuesday morning her first official single will drop and the song features Amber’s boyfriend Wiz Khalifa.

So it was all a gimmick. A publicity stunt. One that would measure up interest in a woman only known to the world as Kanye’s Ex-Girlfriend. One using the very tactics that this woman cries about every other month. It’s so ironic that she always plays the victim, yet at the expense of garnering attention for her upcoming project she would choose to slander the name of a fellow woman and super star.

Amber Rose, your corny.

And I am NOT a fan.

-Stay Fly!

[Cover Art, Perez Hilton]

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