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Brandy took her talents to South Beach yesterday to work on her album, and  in the process ended up hanging out with her girlfriend of 14 + years, fellow songstress, Monica.

And after this tweet from Brandy…

@MonicaBrown: We have Both Been Blessed Beyond Measure.14years later Love @4everBrandy I love you so much Mo❤thank u!

Everybody’s thinking…

The Boy is Mine 2?

We. Hope. Not.

That song dropped 14 years ago, and yes we loved it. However, the buck stops there.

And you KNOW *chokes on tears* that was our sh*t!

But we sincerely hope that if in fact a collaboration did take place, it is a NEW one.

Some tracks MUST go untouched. The same way Mary J. Blige should have left My Life as a classic, and stopped the journey from continuing, Monica & Brandy Must remain contempt with sharing this 14 year-old boy.

Leave that man alone.

Brandy  was in Miami working with Rico Love, adding the finishing touches to her next project.  While Monica was also completing her album, due out next Month.

Let’s reminisce on a track that should be left alone as a classic.

-Stay Fly!

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