DiGa, the production company co-founded by former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, has teamed up with Pepsi to create new web series, “The Flow” for YouTube. Think Politically Incorrect meets TRL, “The Flow” premiered about two weeks ago and is hosted by former MTV VJ Tim Kash and a panel of writers, on-air personalities, comedians, actors and musicians discussing the most buzzed-about pop culture stories of the week.


Last week we were invited to attend a LIVE show with four time Grammy-nominated recording artist, Melanie Fiona; fashion editor of Marie Claire and guest judge on “Project Runway”, Zanna Roberts Rossi; and stand-up comedian, actor, writer, comedian, voice artist, and performer Jim Florentine.

We caught up with Melanie and chatted about her role as fashion correspondent at the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards, her recent Grammy nomination and of course new music, Check it out!

RaeLet’s start where we left off from our last video. Since then, you went on to be a fashion correspondent for the Soul Train awards; How was that?

Melanie – That was fun! They were like, “Oh you’re going to host the red carpet!” I was like, “Word?” I didn’t want to make an ass out myself out there and it was bloody cold. It was fun and it was one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had and I got to meet a lot people that I’ve never experienced or met before and I got a lot of camera time, which was great. It was really positive; it was all about complimenting and meeting the artists and I got a lot of compliments and it was great.

Rae – We did a post on the Soul Train awards kind of about the lack of “Star Power”, was there? We kind of think that sometimes artists feel they get so big to a point where they feel they can’t come back to Soul Train Awards or the Bet Awards, or something that kind of started them out as an artist. How do you feel about that?

Melanie – I think it’s a double-edged sword because I am an artist and I also know the inside and behind the scenes of what goes on and truthfully, as an artist I don’t think there should be any limitations. However, I also know that as network and production staff, it needs to be a progression in things and there are certain artists that feel they have reached a certain level or caliber and they don’t feel they need to bring themselves backward to go on to something they feel may be of less quality. I understand that.

Rae- Do you think that’s the issue?

Melanie- Whenever you do these award shows and you do different things with the networks, you experience some are better organized than others and some are not. Some people don’t want to put up with that or put themselves through that and they’d rather just pass. I just think that as an artist it’s a part of your obligation and you have to support that and whoever supports you. Sure you don’t have to say yes to everything but, you have to give back.

Rae – Let’s talk Grammy nominations; how do you feel?

Melanie- Man! I feel good; I feel great! I feel amazing off of that because that song came out so organically; it came out of left field. Cee lo originally released “Lady Killer” and I wasn’t on it. After releasing the album, they asked me to be on the remix. They were talking about it being a single, never made it a single, radio made it a single, became a number record, and now I’m nominated for two grammy’s. So I feel really good about that and I am really proud to be apart of it, proud to be a writer on the song, proud to be on a collaboration with Cee lo which is amazing, and its just a good feeling. I feel like that song not just because I’m apart of it, deserved recognition because it was just fire. Cee lo is a beast on that record. Jack Splash who produced a lot on my record upcoming, he produced the record and I think that it definitely has its own vibe like nothing out there, so it definitely deserves recognition for Cee lo on its own.

Rae – Lastly, we’re one step closer to the MF Life I know you are very excited about that. You were elated on the video, so how are we feeling now that it’s almost there?

Melanie- I’m feeling good. The album is great. Its been great for 6 months already and I just want it to be great for the public. I get frustrated because I had a release date on the internet of December 6th, which was a hoax and all my fans were tweeting me saying how disappointed they were and that breaks my heart because if it was up to me, you guys can have the music; I don’t care! I’ll make my money. Let’s go do thin concert or let go get on a tour. I’m not worried about album sales. Album sales don’t mean anything to artists anymore. You make it with publishing, merchandising, and touring. My fans support me outside and as well as record sales and iTunes. So I want to get out there and be with the fans, I want them to have what they want from me and it frustrating as an artist when there’s so much red tape and people that have to sign off on something. You guys are hurting the industry by thinking you’re doing a better job, but you’re not. You’re actually hurting the industry. Just give people the music. You’ve got people like Drake who are giving out four singles for free before the album comes out and he still went gold the first week, and I’m sitting there like you cant say “Oh let’s keep the music from the people. You have to give the people the music.” Until then, I’m just touring and not taking it to personal (she smiles).


Step into Melanie’s appearance on The Flow, below (that rhymed! lol)


-Stay Fly!

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