Balls. Vampire Raves. Fashion Shows. Physicotic Video Shoots. This episode has EVERYTHING!

Again, Emily and Teairra are out shopping, and as usual, they leave without buying anything. I don’t know anyone that would want a bedazzled gravy spoon as a bathtub.

Kimbella, Olivia and Yandy are out on a dinner date. That doesn’t sound right. Where is Olivia’s loyalties to Chrissy? That looks real suspect. Yandy demonstrates her “stripper getting the fire out of her hair” and it’s very spot on. Kimbella is still pressed that she won’t get an apology from Chrissy. They’re still telling Chrissy to  keep pushing for an apology. [Do they not know who Chrissy Lampkin is?]

When Chrissy, Jim and Mama Jones have dinner, the 3 seem very relaxed. Their talk must have broken down some walls! Chrissy tells Jim to “stop staring at my bun” but in Chrissy’s next confessional, it appears that she chopped it all off.


At brunch, Mama Jones asks them if they’d like to star in the video she plans to film for “Psychotic.” Chrissy says that Jim and his mom would make rap history as the first mother and son to be in a video together!  Chrissy, is not annoyed or upset, she actually seems pretty entertained by Mama’s request, but she’s not sold!!!  Chrissy as Mama Jones’ video girl though?  She shows up to the video shoot which involved Mama Jones sailing down a banister, and tells her that she is politely declining the offer, and Mama Jones understands, saying its no biggie, “I roll by myself. I was born by myself, I’m gonna die by myself.”


Poor, poor Jeris. He thought he was going on a date and according to Emily, “THIS IS NOT A DATE”. I don’t think Teairra had good intentions when she set   to have gotten lost in translation when Emily and Teairra go on their bowling double date, because I totally though Teairra made it clear that she wanted Emily to go out and play the field now that she’s single, but when Emily shows up and meets Jeris, her “date” (“date” is always in quotes, sorry Jeris)

She actually tells him “I was hoping you were married, or gay so it wouldn’t be ” a date”

But look at that flirty face. That’s a date face. Definitely.

This scene seems scripted. Olivia and Rich walk to a bridge in the middle of a meadow to have a talk with Olivia’s two puppies. Don’t people normally have conversations in coffee shops? While shopping? Over dinner? Rich, has another blunt conversation with her over the state of her career and basically drops himself as her manager. He’s done everything that he could to jumpstart her to that next level and nothing has happened. It’s warm and saddening to see Rich display such emotion. The only person who believed in her just backed down.

This is when you see what people are made of.

Yandy’s patience as Jim’s manager is also wearing thin! Jim asks her to coordinate a “vampire rave slash video shoot” in the span of two days. Yandy needs to somehow coordinate the space, the rental car Jim plans to drive into the space, the video shoot, and pay for it all with one giant wad of cash because The Bank Of Vampire Life does not print checks on short notice.

BUT- Yandy says that her clients include Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes. If Missy or Busta  needed video treatments and stylists etc.. to be done in two days you would have it done! Why is she complaining?

Yandy manages to pull the whole thing off (mostly) and says proudly “In forty eight hours I got the job done! How bout that? In your face! How wack was that, Chrissy?”

Yandy, since we have mixed feelings for you, come on and get your life. While we still see it for you.


Although there were a few bumps in the plan, after everything was said and done, Jim tells Chrissy that the night was a success (We’ll just forget that Jim’s Aston Martin broke down and had to be left in Brooklyn), Chrissy is still a Yandy doubter. And her relationship with Yandy will only go south.

Chrissy and Kim meet up once again because once again, Kim wants an apology from Chrissy. So earlier in the episode, Yandy and Olivia were like “Yes, you should keep pushing Chrissy for an apology!” but during the “Let’s put Target furniture together at Emily’s” scene, the look on Olivia’s face, at least, was like “Psh, Kimbella is going to KEEP asking for an apology? That’s insane!”

As usual with this show, the scenes were filmed out of order

Regardless, Kimbella has been persuaded [by Yandy and Olivia] to push Chrissy and it’s just not going to go the way she wants it to. She then confronts Chrissy at another random location. The closest thing to an apology she’ll ever get is when Chrissy says “Mayyybe I could have chosen a different way to deal with the situation…I am not sorry.” They agree to respect each other for the sake of their men and just move on. But as Chrissy said “When you violate someone that way I violated her, there is no saying sorry”

Yandy, her edges and her hand movements also feel entitled to an apology from Chrissy. Not gonna happen! Chrissy insulted Yandy’s professionalism and was still pissed about the “checks, checks, checks” situation, but her other issue is that Yandy started getting personal and exacerbating Chrissy’s rough relationship with Nancy. Yandy explains that she never meant for that to hurt Chrissy’s feelings, but since everything Chrissy has said about Yandy was meant to hurt her feelings, Yandy wants an apology.


You’re waiting for an apology?” Chrissy asks Yandy. “Nah.” Chrissy owes no one an apology on this show! “You and Kim must be sippin’ from the same stupid juice, ’cause it’s not happening!”

In other world news, Emily Bustamante is a woman on the go. She’s putting her relationship issues on the back burner [or so she thinks] and she is busy helping designer Samantha Black style her Fashion Week show.

[Actually, founder of SFPL Rae Holliday and fellow publicist extraordinaire Mecca Moore put the fashion show together! So if you see him on these NYC streets, tell him what you think!]

She’s invited all the girls [except Somaya, who we haven’t seen all episode long]  to come see the show, and she’s also invited Fab. Not only does Fab show up in the front row, but he also sends her flowers backstage. The show goes off well, and after it ends, Emily tells them what’s really been going down.

Despite her independence apartment and her independence party and the big stink about being on her own now…she and Fab are actually dating again. Taking it slow, going on dates, blah, blah, blah. No one quite understands it especially given the fact that they all know that Kimbella screwed around with him (see, it IS a good thing she told the whole group about that!). But Emily assures them it’s just a trial situation and she’s waiting for him to mature.

“I’m not going back until I get a ring,” she says.

Would you?




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