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It’s been an amazing year for music. Everyone from Rihanna to Adele have released amazing albums, reached millions of fans and of course selling millions of albums. How’d they measure up? The staff here at Stuff Fly People Like have all chosen our top 5 albums of 2011. Find out who made the cut, and why …


5) Tank : Now or Never
4) J. Cole : Sideline Story
3) Drake : Take Care
2) Jay/Ye : Watch The Throne

1) Beyonce : 4

Tanks album exuded sex appeal and with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 songs, it played heavy in my rotation.
J.Cole’s debut album was great. His music is as reality driven as Drakes but not as emotional.
Drakes album is so musical and thats why i love him. He makes party records and love songs, using the words we actually think to ourselves.
Jay/Ye was a phenomenal record. Took me awhile to decide btwn them and beyonce who was #1 but since im in love and not rich, i connected more with bey!
Bey had a full blown love album with hit after hit. She never disappoints, EVER!!


1. Adele “21”

2. Miguel “All I want it you”

3. Chris Brown “F.A.M.E”

4. Frank Ocean “Nostalgia”

5. Beyonce’ “4”

* 6 Trey Songz “Anticipation 2”

1. I loved Adele’s album because of how raw the emotion is.You can feel her and her story in every song. I identify with her and her lyrics; she just speaks to my soul.

2. I have been a fan a Miguel since he was on that BET show “Fatty Koo” yeaaaaaaaaars ago! I love how passionate he is about his music and he gives is all in everything from his lyrics, to production, melodies, etc. and he is AMAZING live!

3. I loved F.A.M.E because to me I feel it re-introduced Chris Brown the performer. I loved the album as a whole and it features one of my top 3 songs of 2011, Beautiful People.

4. I absolutely love Frank Ocean. I love the rawness and honesty in him and his music. some people may not get him or think he and his music are a bit vague, but the deeper you look and listen, it explains itself and I love that about him and his music.

5. I’ve always been a fan of Beyonce’ and loved her albums. I loved 4 because It felt like her most personal album. I love how personal each song feels.

*6 Bonus, Trey’s Anticipation 2 is amazing from start to finish. I am a little biased since I STAN for him lol, but I think its one of his best to date since “Ready” and I couldn’t believe he released it for free! But that’s what I love bout him.


5- Marsha Ambrosius “Late Nights & Early Mornings”

4- Rih

3 The Throne- “Watch The Throne”

2- Beyonce “4”

1- Adele “21”

Marsha’s debut sang of love, redemption and grief. The sweet agony of “Sour Times” sends chills up my spine!

Rihanna’s red hair made a splash everywhere this year! Her “Oh Na Na” song was played at every rooftop bashment from Flatbush to France!

“Watch The Throne” was an album filled with visuals of opulence, black unification, and heart racing production. “No Church In The Wild” is the best rap song of 2011! AND YOU WILL DEAL!

Beyonce’s “4” was an album filled with love! We felt the love that was growing inside of her with each track! The album is full of love, life, and maturity.-

Adele!!! Adele’s 21 was THE album of 2011! “Rolling In The Deep” sold more than 5.6 million copies in the U.S.! “21” is one of those rare albums that can be played from track one to the last, with no skips in between! This album is nothing short of beautiful.


1. Beyonce ‘4’
2. Miguel ‘All I Want Is You’
3. Jay-Z & Kayne West ‘Watch The Throne’
4. Adele ’21’
5. Rihanna ‘Loud’
*Ahem* Beyonce put her heart and soul into each song, she’s in love, it was a love Album and I love it. It was by far one of her best efforts and once people got over their “Beyonce Issues” of over saturation and Blah Blah Blah, they LOVED the Album. She proved that she can do more than gyrate in a leotard down to the floor. It’s a Classic.
Ask Keri Hilson, I’m sure she puts on her night mask and Beats by Dre ear plugs and cries every night to ‘I was here’.
Maybe next lifetime hoe!
Miguel’s album was the most slept on but it’s amazing from beginning to end, and amazing R&B Album.
I do believe because he looks like a space cadet many people didn’t give his album a chance, but those who did, know it’s one of the best releases this year.
Jay and Ye’ didn’t disappoint wit their stellar collaboration, It’s energy is a missing piece that Hip Hop didn’t even know they were missing. But it’s the comradery between the two that really seals the deal.
Adele let her heart sore with every chord and we appreciated her break up, 1o Million times over!
and Rihanna gave you hit after hit certifying her Rock Star Status! She just did.


5. Big Sean “Finally Famous”

4. Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch The Throne”

3. Rihanna “Talk That Talk”

2. Frank Ocean “Nostalgia”

1. Beyonce “4”

Sheesh…Where do I start?!

With hard-work and dedication, once Finally Famous dropped Big Sean dominated the airwaves with his suave but yet catchy phrases/punch-lines putting him in the bracket as one of the Best Rappers of All-Time. Do you agree? I do.

How could you not love the ultimate collabo of the decade?! Two of the most influential artist went to work immediately and completed something that will go down in history. Hail to the Kings of the Throne!

Yes, the year is nearing and Talk That Talk was recently released…but guess what…it’s still 2011! The soulful poptress debuted her newest album jawn which was FULL of superior singles. From “Cockiness”, “Where Have You Been”, “Watch n’ Learn”, “You Da One”, Rihanna came-in taking no prisoners. You gotta love her!

Frank Ocean is the epitome of a great songwriter and storyteller in which he embodies every soulful aspect of his lyrics. I have been following his career for years now and it was a wonderful feeling to get a complete album from his repertoire. Thanks for blessing us with such great music Frank!

I will leave you with these words….KING BEY.

Thats all.

*logs off*

-Stay Fly!

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