Could this be the new Destiny’s Child?

You didn’t think Mathew Knowles was just gonna disappear did you? Nope, Mat is back on the scene with his new girl group From Above, and they have just debuted their first single ‘Not The Same Girl’.

The world is thirsting for another girl group, we’ve been deprived for quite sometime. Could this be the remedy? And who better to produce a group but one of the most successful managers of a mega girl group?

I like the track, I’m anxious to see where this is going to go.

Keeping in mind that Mat has not done very well with anyone other than DC and Beyonce. Kelly Rowland, Lyfe Jennings and Tiffany Evans didn’t quite work out for him, will this be different? We shall see.

01 Not The Same Girl by SuzySooyoung

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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