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Did you avoid all those folks and long lines on Black Friday?

Well you might have made the best decision for your money, because Monday is Cyber Monday. According to CNN analysts are expecting an abundance of deals to bring in record online sales this year.

Andrew Lipsman, an industry analyst at data tracking firm ComScore, said sales for the one-day shopping event are projected to hit a record $1.2 billion this year. Source.

Almost every major retailer plans on taking advantage of the hottest day to shop online. According to the’s eHoliday survey, eight out of 10 online retailers will offer promotions on Cyber Monday.


But the deals aren’t just limited to Monday. This weekend, more than 90% of online merchants will be offering amazing promotions, what are you waiting for?

Here are a few of our favorite online retailers …

20% off at All Siants…

Up to 50% off at Zara…

Up to 40% off at Uniqlo …

Up to 50% off at Urban Outfitters…

You know we keep you updated!

-Stay Fly!

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