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T.I. and Tiny’s new reality show, T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle is set to premiere on December 5 at 9 PM ET on VH1, and we will you be watching!

First off, congrats to TIP for gracing VIBE magazine‘s year end Dec. 2011 issue.

Now onto business, For the last two years VH1 has completely dominated the culture of African American Television. No, it’s not only us who are watching, but it’s us on that silver screen being projected to the masses, in not always a positive manner. Well, almost never. With show’s like Basketball Wives, Football Wives and Love & Hip Hop pushing negative stereotypes a bit too much, I was starting to become annoyed with the lack of options. With all the hours of taping, editors and producers always find the justifications to push all the negative footage, and scrap the positive with these shows. I mean, I’m all for good entertainment, but let’s please provide options. With the emergence of LaLa’s Full Court Life, we the viewers have proven that we’d also like to see some positive images in the form of young brown celebrities. Although Fantasia‘s show was not a negative spectacle, it was rather depressing the last season, and didn’t show the positivity it could have.

Looks like LaLa Anthony and her family have started something with the emergence of T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle. Here’s a quick synopsis about the show;

“Tameka and I have a strong, loving family,” said T.I. “In this family documentary, you will see the challenges of raising children while balancing a career. It’s like a lot of families, only our home is in the spotlight.”

Viewers will also catch a glimpse into the very loving and always fascinating relationship between T.I. and his wife Tameka, who has faithfully stood by T.I.’s side through his highs and lows and who herself was a former member of the ’90s Grammy-winning pop group Xscape.

The mother of two of T.I.’s children, along with her own fifteen-year-old daughter, Tameka was forced to hold down the fort while T.I. was behind bars. Viewers also are introduced to the OMG GIRLZ, a new up-and-coming pop group that Tameka manages. Tune in to see T.I. back on his throne, as he reclaims his kingdom, rebuilds his businesses, and reconnects with his family and friends on “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” premiering on VH1 December 5th at 9PM.”

And because we think these positive family  images must be pushed as options, we will definitely be watching on Dec 5th … will you?

-Stay Fly!

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