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First off, I find it pretty ironic that so many people are congratulating Keri on not being scared of Beyonce & Jay-Z and standing up to them?

Really? Was that what that was?

How simple an unintelligent some folks are.

During the 2011 Soul Train Awards two weeks ago, Juicy magazine worked the red carpet asking celebrities to do a “drop” while holding up the current magazine, which featured Jay Z and Beyonce on the cover.

All the other celebrities gladly participated But when Keri Hilson was asked, she glanced at the cover and said dryly, “Yeah, who is that?” then she said, “No, I can’t do that. I’m sorry.”

At first I said hey maybe Keri doesn’t want to endorse the magazine due to it’s gossip status, but Keri went ahead and did the drop — without holding up the magazine.


Did it really hurt that bad when she saw Jay and Bey on the cover? Yes, it did.

I don’t really need to waste energy and go in on Keri, her record sales, list of number one singles, or numerous awards, her record can do that for me.

I will say that she didn’t have to hold up the mag, that’s her right. But … why not?

Take a look for yourself …

Was it shade?

-Stay Fly!

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