We left off last week with the girls at The Emancipation of Emily’s party and Rita Repulsa Kimbella just revealed that she had slept with Fab three years ago, while Emily was pregnant with their now 3 year old son, Johan. We see Emily picking up Chrissy’s weave droppings as Kimbella gets the smack down laid on her jabronie ass!

Kimbella says that she wasn’t trying to pick a fight but she ” was actually trying to bond with her [Emily]

Chrissy says ““The audacity of you to think that it was okay to do that to somebody is just blowing my f—ing mind. And I lost it.”

“You’re talking crazy to somebody who you know isn’t going to back down. What do you think Chrissy’s gonna do?” Somaya And she knows from experience. Yancy and her Drake jazz hands go into peacemaker mode but little does she know, the aftermath begins now.

The next day Chrissy says she feels like shit because

1-Kimbella yanked out some of her clip-ons

2- She has to tell Jimmy what actually happened because he’s in the same group as Juelz, Kimbella’s man!

“She didn’t have any consideration for Juelz when she said that?

Jim looks like he wants to dougie after Chrissy tells him the news of beating Kimbella up, but he knows the rift that it can cause in the group.

Somaya has this big showcase coming up and she wants to get some dental work done so that she can impress her investor [the same investor who has invested $550,000 in her and hasn’t seen anything come to fruition]

Her relationship with her manager Maurice is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Somaya wants to be like a hybrid Carmen Miranda-Celia Cruz-Selena-Gwen Stefani product [which is a horrible hybrid by the way] and after she explains this to her manager Maurice, he does what any good manager does and shoots her down, saying in his confessional “Somaya’s not there yet.” Maurice, isn’t it your job to support whatever Somaya’s vision is? I mean, if you already have the investor, let the woman do what she wants, right?

Yandy and Kimbella met up for lunch at ” Antique Garage” which was a dope restaurant… three years ago…. They’re both unable to process what happened last night, and they’re left clueless. Kimbella’s intentions weren’t good, she’s a messy stunt queen who got a beatdown in Christian Louboutin’s which is a disrespect to the brand in my opinion.

Three minutes into their conversation I’m thinking:


Yandy meets up for lunch with Emily, Olivia and Somaya and they all realize that Chrissy isn’t going to call a truce with Kimbella anytime soon.


Somaya invites everyone to her investor showcase and Olivia refuses to come to come. Yandy, Yandy and her jazz hands are new to the dynamic between these women, is just left with a look of disbelief, but Somaya is used to it. “Olivia always thinks she’s on this higher level like Beyonce or Ciara that doesn’t exist and she thinks she’s better than me,” she explains.

Ciara. Ci-Error?  Ciara though? Ciara was probably in Atlanta feeling like:


Somaya  enlists Emily for help styling her showcase and she has a lot of rules about what she wants to wear. Rule number one, don’t reveal her gunshot wound (which is news to us, but then again, we probably don’t care) Emily has a feeling that Somaya isn’t so much trying to hide her scar as she’s trying to hide her flab.

Somaya wants to be dressed like a [and I quote] “A walking Mexican restaurant.” Well then, can I order my steak bowl from Chipotle with you then??

“I’m a wardrobe stylist, not a costume designer,” she says.

As soon as Emily finishes dressing Somaya like a Nacho Bell Grande, she meets up with Kimbella who wants to apologize to Emily. She’s just sorry she got hit, but she admits that her and Fab’s “relationship” was sex only. [shocker]

She continues, saying “Now you’re in a situation like me where women are just throwing p—y at your man.”

I think Yandy knows Chrissy, but she isn’t familiar with Chrissy. [big difference] There’s no way Chrissy is going to apologize to Kimbella! Yandy thinks she’s so slick, but her like her edges, they suffer from moisture! If everyone is mad at each other, her bank account suffers, and if everyone is happy, they’ll rise. She could care less about apologies, or a truce being called!

I think Chrissy would appreciate a gift certificate to Red Lobster’s over this dumb ass book!

La Jefa Somaya Reece does not appreciate Maurice coming up in her apartment “Hollywood made” with his fedora and sunglasses. They get into an uncomfortable situation, Somaya his this big showcase in three days and she has no backup dancers, no dance moves, no wardrobe! NOTHING!  Maurice fires himself. Somaya fires him, so he’s double fired.

“You don’t have to apologize, because I enjoyed it,”

Emily laughs,but Chrissy explains to us that she wants to be respected by her friends, but not feared, and she wants to make sure that it’s understood she did what she did not to intimidate, but just to stand up for her friend. The conversation gets into this new phase of Emily’s life, but it still hurts for her to talk about moving on from Fabolous, whom she still loves. We’ve seen Emily cry a whole lot, and it’s still not easy to watch.

SOMAYA’S SHOWCASE!!!  Chrissy admits “Somaya ain’t half bad,” and confides in us that she can’t possibly be mad at someone with so much professional drive. Olivia even shows up, but she’s there more in a critical capacity, pointing out all the things everyone else is too polite to say.

Her reaction to the performance:

Somaya comes out in her second outfit which contains a slight wardrobe malfunction, HER ZIPPER IS DOWN!

Yandy, starts dancing when she hears that Mama Jones’ song come over the speaker, and that sets Chrissy off. They get into it over Yandy’s constant remarks referring to her clients as “her money” and Chrissy’s man is NObody’s money. Chrissy tells her to get out. Olivia, is this about to get even more complicated than ever??




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