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Rihanna’s sixth studio album in six years, Talk That Talk, is here, and just 12 months after her previous LP Loud. Critics have given the album mixed reviews and now Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams will give it their thoughts.

“First off, it’s not Loud. Loud was a more complete album, but that doesn’t mean TTT is trash, it’s far from trash, its actually a solid album. If there’s one key element that #TeamRihanna have mastered, it’s seeking the right writers and producers to push and elevate their vision into a plethora of undeniable singles that we can’t help but love.  ‘Where Have you Been’ takes the cake for me, it’s infectious beats, rhythms and lyrics take me to an enormous rave in the sky! ‘We Found Love’ ‘Talk That Talk’ “Cockiness’ and ‘Watch n’ Learn’ are all potential #1 Singles, and right now that just who she is as an artist. There’s no clear distinct direction, but it’s not complicated or confusing. You want some hit singles? You got them.

She’s a Rock Star and this is her Rock Star formula.

3.5 out of 5 Stars from me.”


“Talk That Talk” is yet another album where Rihanna shows a serious transition. A more personal transition that is. Rihanna is in a place now where she is in more control of her own musical destiny. She can say what she want to say, do what she want to do and she really doesn’t give f%ck what anyone else thinks about it. With a host of great writers and producers, a collective masterpiece was created which curated a dynamic album. From expressive cuts like; ‘Cockiness’, ‘Watch N Learn’ and ‘Birthday Cake’, Rihanna has definitely set the bar. The Pop Princess has now elevated to Pop Queen Rih-Rih.

4 out of 5 Stars from me.”



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