Seems as if everyone on my Twitter Timeline was pissed when  Nicki Minaj walked away with two AMAs during last Sunday night’s 2011 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theater in LA.  Well not really both awards, just one. Nicki pulled a stunning victory over Jay Z, Kanye West and her mentor Lil’ Wayne when she won Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album for Pink Friday, shutting down both Watch The Throne and The Carter IV.

I wasn’t surprised at all though.

I was surprised that anyone thought Jay-Z, Kanye or Wayne had a chance. Why you ask? Is this a trick question? Nicki has ONE thing that her more established counterparts didn’t have this year …

*Side Note* How Amazing was that little girl? And yes, her parent’s were tearing up.

Did you happen to check those views?

Yes, 19,581,187 to be exact.

And her Music video has received how many views?

191,342,075 views. —-> O_O

To date Jay-Z and Kanye’s leading Single and Video for ‘Otis’ has received 27,159,169 views …

And Lil’ Wayne’s break out single/video for ‘How To Love’ has received 35,412,782 views.

You do the  math.

Remembering that this is the American Music Awards, Not the BET Hip Hop Awards (No Shade). These winners are based on a combination of airplay and sales. Meaning popularity plays a large role.

Nicki is truly transcending into a Pop Artist.  Her appeal has left the hood and hit mainstream White America with a vengeance, and as mainstream America as Jay, Kanye and Wayne maybe, ain’t no little white girls singing their lyrics and running out to buy their albums. Sorry.

I’m not the biggest fan of her fashion choices or the crazy wigs, but I do love Nicki as a ‘Rapper’ and a ‘Pop Star’.

Because That’s exactly what she is.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!


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