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Friday night,  The Fly Guys (pictured with R&B songstress Olivia) were invited to the private dinner and screening in for season 2 of VH1’s “LOVE & HIP HOP.”  Monami Entertainment and Bartenura Wines hosted Dozens of press at the packed Gold Room at PRANNA Restaurant to preview the fully dramatic first episode which included an exclusive Q & A with cast members Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia Longott, Jim Jones and Rich Dollaz.

As usual The 135th Agency treated the press to dinner including appetizers, dinner, drinks and comlimentary Moscato thanks to  Bartenura WinesThe cast was all smiles as they answered some tough questions from the press (that’s Executive producer and Creator, Mona Scott in the middle *waves*).


Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin, are still very much together. Jim dodged all marital questions, while Chrissy OWNED her behavior on the first episode in regards to her giving new cast member Actress, Model, Singer and Julez Santana’s baby Momma, Kimbella, the Business!

We LOVE Chrissy, we gotta tell you. You’ll find no Chrissy slander on this blog.


Ready for a Quick Synopsis? Glad you asked …


This Season Jimmy has to once again deal with the War between his Momma and his fiance, as they deal with his Mom actually recoding a diss record, where yes, Chrissy was the victim.

Meanwhile,  Emily B, has finally walked away from her baby Daddy, Fabolous *yawns* while focusing on her career. During a dinner party celebrating her new independence, new comber Kimbella confesses she slept with fab during Emily’s pregnancy, unbeknownst ti her.


Chrissy waisted no time stating her displeasure with the tasteless comments, two minutes later, Kimmie was picking her talents up off the floor ….

Olivia (yes that’s my big head in the background, lol), is at a bit of a cross roads as she and Manager Rich are still in the process of locating that deal. It’s not clear whether a deal will happen this season, but when I asked Olivia how she felt this season compared to last season, she stated she feels much better with the exposure and reception she has received and is happy about this season, and admonished us to look forward to what’s coming up.

Somaya, is still very lost in a world. She’s broken up with her manager inch high private eye, and is still tryna find her way in the music industry. Somaya, have a seat.

There’s lots if dram this season arriving in the form of Yandi, new cast member and Jim Jone’s Manager. She’s stirring up the pot with a lot of talk and instigating it seems between both Jim, Chrissy, Kimbella and Mama Jones. Smh

We’ll be watching…

Love & Hip Hop Season 2 premieres Mon, Nov. 14 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1. Visit the show at

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-Stay Fly!

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