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Ever since we found out about Beyonce’s pregnancy this past August at The MTV Video Music Awards this past August, we’ve had baby fever! Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Who are the god parents? Where’s the baby shower? Are we invited?

Just kidding. But seriously… can we get invited?

Although the baby is due to be born in February, we figured now is the best time to think of some baby names, and you know what Bey?

We’re gonna help you out, with 5 baby girl names, and 5 baby boy names.


GiselleGiselle is Beyonce’s middle name. Most mothers like to give their daughter their middle name as a way to show tribute to their newest bundle of joy. Giselle is a German name that means: Pledge.

Marcy– Marcy is Jay-Z’s old Brooklyn neighborhood. He’s mentioned it in countless songs, and he might [with Beyonce’s approval of course] to name his baby after the neighborhood that made him a cultural icon.

Sasha– Sasha Fierce is Beyonce’s on stage personality. She’s the more exaggerated version of Beyonce. She’s more glamorous, edgy, and aggressive. Sasha is a Russian name that means “defender of man” and WE ALL KNOW, Beyonce loves her man.

Bonnie– Bonnie, after “Bonnie and Clyde” the first song that featured Beyonce and Jay-Z. That song raised eyebrows about their relationship, and although their relationship has always been mysterious, they’ve always been there for each other, and how that led to the birth of their child.

Jazzy– Jazzy was Jay-Z’s nickname growing up, because his style was very showy! “Jazzy” developed into his stage name! What a dope name to pass down to your child.


Shawn/Sean Jay looks like the type of dude that would want a little Jr. running through the streets of Brooklyn with his fly friends doing fly things and eating at FLY places. Shawn Corey Carter-Knowles Jr. does sound good. Doesn’t it?

Tyran– Tyran aka “Ty Ty” already has bragging rights as the potential god father of the child of The Throne. Tyran is Jay-Z’s best friend for over 10 years, and we all know how Jay treasures loyalty!

Kanye– Kanye and Jay are music muses for each other. They have undeniable music chemistry, and the name Kanye in some regions means “Honor, free” . It’ll set some principles that you want for  your child.

Christopher– The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay had a friendship that superceded  music. They were collaborators, contributors of this culture, and most of all- friends. Christopher Corey Knowles-Carter doesn’t sound bad at all, either!

Clyde– Every dude has his Bonnie, and Jay and ‘Yonce will have their Clyde. It’ll be a testament  to their relationship, their internal struggle, and how that led to the birth of their child.

Otis, and Inga did not make the list, respectively.

As long as the baby is healthy, with ten fingers, and ten toes, we’ll be more than happy.

But seriously.. What’s the child’s name?

That’s what it’s all about.




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