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Seems like I wasn’t the only one upset about this outfit.

Writer turned Singer, Keri Hilson was attacked by a fan recently as she performed for a crowd of adoring stans in Paris. The fan allegedly jumped off the balcony to run over and give Keri a hug and a kiss. I know they are a little more liberal in Paris, but this guy should have known better. But I’m guessing he really wanted to whisper some fashion tips into Keri’s ear.

I mean she needs it.

Did he think he was gonna get punched in the head like an angry McDonalds customer? Probably not.

Needless to say he’ll think twice before he does that agin. Or just maybe, he thinks it was worth it.


The same thing happened to Lil’ Wayne not to long ago. But that dude didn’t get very close before he was tackled. Smh

[Thanks Necole]



And Usher was recently attacked, but this wasn’t a fan. It was actually an angry middle aged white woman. The situation is unclear, but according to TMZ she was upset because he parked in a handicapped zone … O_o

He was without security, but had they been there I’m sure she would have been tackled to the ground. And I for one would not have been mad. She was doing entirely to much,

You celebrities better get you a Julius on deck, because these stans are wildin’ in these streets.

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