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Ok, So every REAL Music lover knows that My Life is one of Mary J. Blige‘s BEST ALBUMS EVER. I already know you agree, I’m not asking. With a play-list that boast some of her biggest hits to date, who would disagree?


1. “Intro”

2. “Mary Jane (All Night Long)”

3. “You Bring Me Joy”

4. “Marvin Interlude”

5. “I’m The Only Woman”

6. “K. Murray Interlude”

7. “My Life”

8. “You Gotta Believe”

9. “I Never Wanna Live Without You”

10. “I’m Goin’ Down”

11. “My Life Interlude”

12. “Be With You”

13. “Mary’s Joint”

14. “Don’t Go”

15. “I Love You”

16. “No One Else”

17. “Be Happy”

International bonus track

18. “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”

So when she said she was coming out with My Life 2, I immediately got excited! However, I’m less than excited about these singles I’ve been hearing … seriously.

Let’s start with this  25/8

Now at first, I hated it. But eventually it grew on me and most importantly it’s different. It almost triggers a new sound or the calling of a new sound, which I believe Mary needs. If your going to create a new sound, with that vintage emotion, then go for it.

But that’s not happening.

On to Mr. Wrong feat. Drake.

Ok Mary, we’ve been down this road. I’m over people throwing Drake on records thinking it accumulates to a hit, it doesn’t. This song drags on, and I can’t get into Mary singing about a subject she’s so far past. *sighs*

You ain’t happy yet?

And Now Mary feat. Rick Ross … Why?

And that’s what I’m saying to myself once this song is over… Why? I mean the lyrics are so depressing. Ricky does help the track go by faster but that’s what the fast forward button is for, I don’t need his help. My Life never gave me these feelings. Remember the first time you heard ‘Mary’s Joint?’


It made you feel good, didn’t it? Ooohh and ‘Be Happy?’

My Favorite Mary Track … EVER! You just felt her pain with every note, and really wanted her to be happy. I WANTED TO BE HAPPY AFTER HEARING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME! Ohhhhhhhh And ‘You Bring me Joy’ ????


Listen, in order for this sound to be recreated, Mary needs to take a trip back to this time, these producers, some stellar samples, and NO collaborations. Just Mary. But what I really mean to say is “if It Ain’t broke, don’t fix it or create a sequel”.

Mary, Please re-title this album, because it’s coming up short already.

-Stay Fly!

[Dedicated to HH]

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