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Tyrese Gibson has definitely been in the game for a minute. Since his arrival on the scene back in 1994, singing his heart out on the back of city bus for Coca-Cola, he’s continued to be a staple in music and movies for our generation and beyond. On the heels of his first Independent release and first studio album in 5 years, entitled Open Invitation, Tyrese is preparing to get his swagger back on the mic, and ready to conquer all the grey area he left behind.

A few weeks ago, Tyrese did a press listening session, in which he played several new tracks from his new project. I must admit I enjoyed most of the tracks, I had some issues with a few of the more uptempo tracks because their lyrics were so different from what I’m used to. They were dope, But I had some issues putting Tyrese in this new box. As a result of this we solicited to have a sit down with Tyrese, and the Super Star accepted. He gave us all we needed, and actually changed my mind about the issues I was having, and you KNOW that’s not easy to do, lol.

Here’s part one of our interview, first we covered the music, and then we covered the entertainment/ movies …

Step into Part One, as Tyrese discusses his dream collaboration, the first artist on his label and his daughter following in his footsteps.


Rae Holliday: 1. If you had one and only one collaboration with any artist who you have not collaborated with, dead or alive who would it be?

Tyrese: (Tyrese answered before I could get the entire question out, lol) Jay-Z!

R: Wow, I didn’t realize you’ve never done a track with Jay.

T: Yuup, and I’d absolutely love to.

R: I think that would be dope.

T: Me Too (Laughs)

R: 2. The sound and tone of your voice always gives off such a soul an compassionate sound; where did that derive from; is there a specific experience?

T: I don’t know man, I just think that when you do something from your heart, it will find hearts, whatever that is. I respect detailed, meticulous people. Anybody that comes to the studio with me would probably trip out just about my process of recording. I’m the most analytical, technical person ever and if an engineer is not used to dealing with somebody who gives a f**k enough about their music and they’re just throwing it all together, I will drive them crazy. The biggest compliment that I have gotten on this album, is that sonically my album is mind blowing and I’ve heard this from the biggest and the best producers out there that where listening to how well it was mixed and mastered and how sonically you go from one song to the next and it feels inner connected because its all the same ears that are mixing and mastering the album and I wrote and produced my album with my team of people and I think a lot of these albums these days sound like mixtapes because people are working with 12 different producers and so you work with one producer and he’s trying to compete with another producer. Out doing one another person is like I’m creating a whole other sound that has nothing to do with them because I’m trying to take them out so that I get the sales, but when you’re dealing with the same producers, it has a feeling. It’s like subway; how can I write a bad review about subway when I made my own sandwich? There is no competition.

R: 3. Aside from acting and recording, will you ever see yourself heavily writing and producing for others.

T: Yeah, my artist I have now named Leon Timbo, I really love him and believe in him and I think he’s going to win a Grammy before I do. He’s just incredible and such a great guy and just raw truth.

R:  How did you discover him?

T: I actually saw him perform at the Potter House, T.D. Jakes church in Texas and he was so incredible. I didn’t know him and he was just there performing that Sunday and I was like, “who is this guy, where is he at?” I went backstage, met him and asked him if he would be willing to open up for me at the House of Blues that night, and its been about 4 and a half years that I’ve been developing him and its all kind of videos all over the Internet of us singing together. I believe he’s up next. He is my first artist on Voltron records.

R: 4. With your new album coming out, do you think its your best work to date?

T: Absolutely.

R. How is your daughter by the way?

T. My daughter is wonderful, getting bigger by the moment.

R: 5. Does she want to follow in your footsteps as far as acting and singing? If so, how do you feel about that?

T. (Pauses) She doesn’t have to follow in my footsteps. She’s not said anything, but I would never pressure her to do any of the things that I have done. As her father I can only pray that she becomes successful at whatever it is she decides to do. Whatever it may be. I’ll be behind her.

To Be Continued…

Be Sure to look out for Part Two, as Tyrese gives me his answer on the lyrical content I have issues with and discusses the current state of African American Movies.

-Stay Fly!

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