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Friends and supporters came out this week to celebrate the release of Jesse Idol’s debut independent album Love Lust Project at Tammany Hall in SoHo.

The album has ten tracks and range from smooth ballads like “Movie Night” and “Soldier Love” to upbeat joints like “Phenomenal.” The song that caught the most attention, mainly because of it’s juicy title is “My Little Lie.” Jesse didn’t want to into great details about that track but he did say, “In ‘My Little Lie’ in essence, I was a villain. I did some things that can’t be taken back. It is what it is and I’m living with that.”

He may have been a bad boy in his past, but with a new age (he just turned 25 in August) and new experiences, he’s hoping that people will learn from his mistakes as well as learn about him as an artist. “I want people to get from this album that I’m a real dude. I’m a real light-skin, young, sexy man.” (laughs)


Jesse credits his musical inspirations to gospel stars Fred Hammond and Kim Burrell and R&B crooners Jamie Foxx and Tank. When asked what the album title meant, he replied, “It’s simply this. Most men LOVE one woman, but LUST many others. I wanted to give the listeners the best of both worlds. ”


Following a surprise acapella performance from the budding R&B artist, he brought his team up to the front to deliver an emotional and heartfelt thank you to show his appreciation. “We’ve been through a lot and you saw it in me when I didn’t. Thank you.”

The Love Lust Project album can be downloaded on iTunes, for free. Check out Jesse’s YouTube page for music videos and live performances on 106 & Park and more.

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