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You Know, people seek inspiration from different places. Some more unique than others. So when I saw Shaunie Oneal dressed for the Season 3 Reunion special dressed like a Wild Uno Card, I tried to accept the vision.

Maybe this was her favorite game growing up?

Maybe she wanted to represent loosing this game all her life, and now, she was the winner!

Truth be told I actually like the dress, I think it’s bold and daring. I’m not convinced that it was the right dress for Shaunie, but I’ll have you know I’m headed to Target to get some Uno Cards in a few. How’s that for inspiration? *Body Rolls*

According to VH1

Shaunie’s stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, told us the story behind her bold, color-block dress. “So a little bit about the dress—the designer is Nicci Hou,” he told me. “She’s out of Atlanta. Her legal last name is Houston. We met in Atlanta and she wanted to make something for Shaunie for the BET Awards and it didn’t work out because of timing issues. However, I told her I wanted her to make a custom dress for the reunion and I was thinking of color-blocking because I’m obsessed with color blocking right now so we came up with the design and Shaunie approved it, she loved it. We just wanted to do something new for spring and it’s so great because it stands out on the stage, it’s so different.”

And Different it was, and stand out it did, so in actuality, Shaunie Won.


Your Thoughts?

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