Check out rapper The ILLZ in chapter 2 of “Darkside of The Room”. Let us know what you think!

Chapter 2 takes a much darker tone. It is the nightmare, the beginning of the decent into madness. The ILLZ finds himself in a rotting facade of a house; the house he shared with her. Trapped in it, unable to escape, this is him coming to terms with her and how she changed. They have grown apart, and as he searches for her, he finds little mementos, and her revelation signals that what she became is not whom he had initially fallen in love with. But his desire to be with her is unwavering, and he will destroy anything in his way to get to her, to have her by his side.


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Directed by:

Kristopher Rey-Talley

Director of Photography: Mitch Martinez

Produced by Rad Roubeni

Steve Tucker

Art Direction by Steve Tucker

Brendan Murphy

Music by:


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