SFPL’s Fly Look of the Day… “Classic Chic”

This “Fly Look of the Day”  is simply titled “Classic Chic.” Pairing Classic pieces together give the look of effortless dress and that is always the best way to go, as if you threw it all together and MADE it work…

Chic enough to wear to work for Casual Fridays but also can be twisted to suit your evening, just unbotton a few buttons, roll up your sleeves, and let down your hair!

Check out each piece below…



You like?

Stay Fly!



4 responses to “SFPL’s Fly Look of the Day… “Classic Chic””


    SFPL’s Fly Look of the Day… “Classic Chic”: This “Fly Look of the Day”  is simply titled “Classic Chic.” Pairing… http://bit.ly/qXNdgk

  2. DivaKattGoddess Avatar

    I love this outfit!!

  3. Nikk Avatar

    This is a great look! And I like that it’s somewhat affordable for us average Joes. Can you guys start to regularly post cheaper dupes of celeb outfits or even dupes of tthe looks of the day

  4. jessica Avatar

    Nice post. I think Ball watches are good options.

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