[Last Night In NYC] Paper Magazine x VANS 2011 Sounds Like PAPER Concert

Last Night In NYC…SFPL took there talents over to the other side of Brooklyn via 25 Franklin St to catch the Paper Magazine x VANS 2011 Sounds Like PAPER Concert.

The concert was held in a huge warehouse with a big patio in tow. As pictured above, Swizz Beatz graced the stage looking dapper in all white with a pair of his newly designed Reebok’s.

Surprisingly, Joe Jonas hit the stage as a solo act and without The Jonas Brothers. Quite the shocker! We must admit, he did a very good job.

As the back patio area was filled with a mass amount of people, the special enjoyment of the night was the flow of Corona canned beers and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. A pretty good combination for some laid-back enjoyment.

Pics provided by WireImage

More pics below…

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