[Last Night In NYC] Russell Simmons Honored at Stevie Awards

Last Night In NYC…The Fly Guys had the greatest opportunity of attending The Stevie Awards ceremony. Within the program, our father in hip-hop, media and business mogul, Russell Simmons was being honored with the Entrepreneurship Award.

This was one of the best accolades that Mr. Simmons could ever receive, amongst thousands of his business peers and colleagues. The room was definitely filled with business heavyweights but Simmons took home one of the top awards that any business owner could ever receive.

After his joyful win, Simmons sat with press/media and answered a few questions concerning hip-hop, world tragedies and cyber world.

Here are a few questions that were answered:

On Receiving the Award;

‘I’m honored to be in the presence of so many entrepreneurs, and its important to be around creative and innovative people who help American Business. ‘

That’s what American Business needs, doing innovative things to grow business’

On the State of Black People;

Being 3 percent is kinda sad, since integration has done so much to destroy the black community, that we don’t integrate more. I think integration is very important and wish that we as a people would integrate more.


With the emergence of hip hop artist who are not afraid to voice there opinions, for Example, Lupe and Kanye, how do you feel about the current state of Hip Hop, is this an Improvement?

“I love songs like Jesus walks, and fuck the police, I love Artist who aren’t afraid to be them selves. Lupe brought up some very interesting points, and I’m a fan of Obama, its like the lesser of two evils … Over all I love it.”

If you could leave one piece of advice to an aspiring media mogul, what would it be?

“Operate from ease, put your head down, and forget about the results.”


Check out some pics/footage from our interview with Mr. Simmons below…



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