After all the hurt and pain, Angel Lashonn says she will never fall for a “Loser” ever again!  Check out the lovely songbird’s newest addition to her plethora of hits!

Ladies & Gents, we give you Angel Lashonn after the jump! #MiddleFingersUp2TheLoser!

Download “Loser” HERE!



About Angel LaShonn:


Angel LaShonn (www.angellashonn.com) is the next generation of genre-bending singer/songwriter. With the forthcoming summer release of her debut EP, Obstacle Course, Angel delivers the pulsating female anthem, “Loser”, just in time for summer. Angel makes a definitive statement about accepting nothing but when it comes to love on the electro-pop-rhythm joint.


Connect with Angel LaShonn:

Website: www.angellashonn.com

Twitter: @AngelLaShonn

Facebook: Angel LaShonn

Youtube: angellashonn


-Stay Fly!

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