[Last Night in NYC] Rich Wierdo/Everything Else is Regular; Music, Art & Fashion Fusion.

Tuesday Evening, designer and CEO of Rich Wierdo ClothingJeff Crayton (pictured abouve with 2/3 of Par-City), debuted his summer and fall collections at his Everything Else is Regular; Music, Art and Fashion Fusion.
Notables on deck included Da Union’s DJ O. Minaya, DJ Zeke, recording artist Esso, soundbyte management’s Par-City and D. Chamberz, Universal Music Group’s EtceteraJMD/Universal’s Baiyu,celebrity publicist Antoine Von Boozier and Andre Von Boozier, Victoria Martini, celebrity publicist Johnny Donovan, Gabriel Williams and Rae Holliday of StuffFlyPeopleLike.com, America’s Next Top Model’s Keenyah Hill, and many more.

Peep The Fashion(s) in the Gallery.

-Stay Fly!

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