I’ve been giving Amber Rose the *side-eye* every since she uttered the words; “When I was out with Kanye, I became famous. He was with a girl for six years that he was going to marry. What’s her name again??”

Really Girl?

It was just such a tack statement. I mean, why even bring her up? Aren’t you with Wiz? Ungh.

Well Vibe recently caught up with Alexis and got the scoop on what she’s been up to, here’s the scoop …

On Life after Kanye

I think after experiencing being with somebody that is a celebrity, it’s really nice to have your anonymity. I’m a mom so I would much rather be able to be out with my son and have nobody recognize me. I really think that’s a cool thing as opposed to doing red carpets or something like that, but only if it’s really pertaining to my line because that’s what I’m trying to sell… I’m not really trying to sell myself.

On if she’d do reality TV

I’ve been approached a few times… I don’t know, first and foremost I’m a mother and I just feel like it’s important to be represented a certain way and it’s a lot to put your image and the things you say, or how you’re perceived into someone else’s hand and I just haven’t been comfortable with that. Now if it was something like a documentary style, maybe. But I’m not interested in fighting with some girl or talking about my ex because those relationships are personal. I mean the album [808s & Heartbreak] was bad enough at first, but a TV show, I don’t know, it would have to be real tasteful.

It is very tempting, but I’m also kind of shy, so I’d probably just be awkward honestly. It definitely is tempting, especially since I’m a designer and I need every check I can get because it’s so expensive to have a line. But God will order my footsteps, however that’s supposed to pan out, it will.

On whether she’d date another rapper

I don’t think I would date another rapper. I don’t foresee it. I mean, I don’t know, I guess it’s like, you never want anybody to judge you, so if the right rapper came along… but even Kanye was kind of a different type of guy. He wasn’t your typical rapper. He was just different. And there aren’t a lot of guys in that field that are different in the way that he was. The reason why I even gave Kanye my number was because he didn’t seem threatening.

On advice to Amber Rose

I just have no words for her. But I wish her luck in her future, everybody deserves somebody.

On What She’s Learned

I’ve learned that no matter what, you always have to be yourself and hold your head up high and have respect for yourself. I’ve learned that the industry can get a bad rep, but if you’re able to be around certain people and experience new things, just take it as something that’s good and learn from it and be inspired by it because there is definitely inspiration. And about being in a high profile relationship… just keep your business to yourself.

A real class act.

Read more over at Vibe.com

-Stay Fly!

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