[Mag Covers] Cassie in Nylon Magazine “The Music Issue”

Cassie takes her modeling talents to Nylon Magazine’s July 2011 Music Issue. In the issue, she speaks on the sound/direction that she is taking her music, she describes her style and she also speaks on what prompted her to shave the side of her head.

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Who do you most want to collaborate with?

It’s pretty unattainable but I would love to work with Prince.

What prompted you to shave the side of your head?

It was time for a change and I never do anything crazy to my hair.

What did your Mom say?

I was worried about what she would think. But then she said, OMG…now I get to see your pretty face.

Tell us about the album…

It’s a cool blend of pop, hip-hop and ska. It’s urban Gwen Stefani meets Aaliyah. I hate referencing people but if you had to compare, that’s it.

Do you come from a musical family?

My Mom would wake us up by blasting music in the house. My Dad plays the trumpet, my brother plays the drums and my mom the piano. I played the piano too. I’m not as good as I used to be, but I can still read music.


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