[Last Night in NYC] The Screening of Lil’ Wayne’s MTV Unplugged.


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Lil Wayne has joined the cult. Which Cult you ask? The cult in question, is the small and select group of hip hop artists that have had the honor of headlining an intimate concert on MTV’s coveted program, MTV Unplugged.


Last Night, we took our talents to the Eventi Hotel in New York City, for a private press screening of Lil’ Wayne’s MTV Unplugged. And The rapper puts on an Excellent show.

Lil Wayne joins the likes of LL Cool J, Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill, as he put on for his city, in the city of LA for the Taping.



During his Unplugged performance, Lil Wayne (for the first time) touches on the subject of his incarceration. “A few months ago I was in a dark place that I don’t like to really shed light on,” he told the audience. “Everyone always asks, ‘How was it?’ I figured I’d find a way to answer that question.” He then goes into a cover of 2Pac’s Hail Mary. A sexy version actually with the help of Young Money’s Shanell.


Clad in a Navy Blue Crew Neck with the word ‘WOW’ across the chest, Wayne went through his catalogue of hits including ‘Fire Starter’, his latest single ‘How To Love’ and his Newest single ‘Nightmares of The Bottom’.


Weezy hints about his upcoming album, slated for a June 21 release as well. “Just know that I have a pleasant surprise. A very pleasant surprise for this album when it comes out,” Lil Wayne said. “I’m only doing this for the fans. Which I do every… thing for.”


Wayne’s Unplugged is a memorable one, his fans will be please as he leaves us with, ‘I wanna leave ya’ll with three things. Number one, I love God! Number two, I ain’t Sh&t without YOU! And Number three I aint Sh&t without YOU!


Wayne’s UnPlugged is set to air Sunday on MTV, MTV2 and MTV.com.


-Stay Fly!


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