Sunday Evening, Team SFPL took our talents to HOT 97’s Summer Jam 2011. With a Roster of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop Music’s Elite, we knew we were in for a Ride. And boy was it a Ride. After an array of back stage activity with the likes of Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, Miss Info, Ebro and others, and a tour of the different press areas, we were set.

Let me not leave out that parking lot that was filled with everything from Nutcrackers to Fish Dinners to BBQ Grills to bootleg CDs, DVDs, Flatscreens and BET. It was a LOT going on.

As if they had bills to pay the show started at exactly 6:30, And I wasn’t mad at all. The first up was the Prince of Bud,  Wiz Khalifah.



Wiz went through a plethora of tracks off his solo debut, Rolling Papers. He was definitely a crowd pleaser, and got much love for his two most popular jawns, ‘I Roll Up’ and ‘Black & Yellow’. It was his first Summer Jam, and he nailed it like a pro.

Fabolous wasn’t the next up, but I need to skip that person to get my mind together to tell that story.

Fab hit us with a plethora of jawns off his ‘Soul Tape’ Mixtape. Always a Crowd Pleaser, the Crowd went HAM when he belted out ‘You Be Killin’ Them’ among others.

Let me backtrack to number two, the always rowdy and energized Waka Flocka, From ‘No Hands’ on down the crowd shook with his dreads. But when his shirt came off, I had to step back. I wasn’t prpared for that as I had just took a sip of my beverage and felt a little dizzy.

I got through it but my mental mentions were in shambles.

Next Up was the only surviving member of the G-Unit, Lloyd Banks. I must say, he put on a pretty good performance. He took it back to his early catalogue starting with ‘Fire’ and it went up from that point. In true Summer Jam fashion, he brought out some celebrity help including; Ryan leslie, Mobb Deep, Lloyd and Jeremih.

Great performances.

Next Up was the Prince of Pop, Chris Brown. Chris Beyonce’d Summer Jam, as he dougie’d for his life through a few of hit’s including ‘Take You Down’ (Where he humped a female fan to completion), ‘She ain’t you’ (Where he danced harder than Michael in his Prime) and ‘Look at me Now’ Where he was joined by Busta Rhymez who bodied his verse and received all the crowds love and affection. They went Crazy!


Next up Wa The Dipset who literally blew out my Ear drums. I was excited to see Cameron, and more excited to see them all reunited! But 15 Guys all with Mics, is a recipe for disaster.

I loved when Jim Jones, Julez, Vado and others took to their separate hits, but that finale, left me hearing double.

The Best part of their set in my opinion was Jimmy bring out Olivia to sing a bit of her hit ‘December‘. The love she got from the crowd really made my heart all warm and tingly on the inside. #TeamOlivia

My Favorite performer of the Night however was not officially on the bill, but Swizz Beatz always gets the Party Started !! That ‘Everyday (I’m Coolin’)’ had me shimmy’ing in my seat! LOL

Swizz Shut it down.

Nothing prepared me for the Mega Super Star presence of Young Money President Lil’Wayne. I gotta tell you Wayne Got that Jay-Z Love… The Crowd went BONKERS!

Wayne went through his catalogue from ‘Milli’ to ‘How To Love’ And The Crowd hung from every syllable.

Super. Star. Status.

I was Impressed. Young Money Members Tyga and Drake joined him creating even more pandemonium, It was DOPE!

Rick Ross concluded the Concert with every monster hit that he’s produced the last year. The Crowd went word-for-word from ‘BMF’ to ‘Aston Martin Music’, but the Stadium went HAM when…

Diddy hit that Stage.

Complete an utter ridiculousness.

All and All Summer Jam was a good Look, can’t wait till next year …. To rock all over again.

-Stay Fly!

Full Photo Credit goes to  Karl Ferguson ( & Ernest Thanks Fellas, the shots were Amazing!

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