Atlantic Records Recording Artist Willie Taylor of the multi-platinum group DAY26 introduces his new artist AVREY SMITH.
Avery Smith is the first artist to be released on Willie’s label NOIVAK Music and will debut his chart-topping iTunes single “Inked Up”, during the live telecast of 106 & Park.

“INKED UP” by AVREY SMITH DOWNLOADABLE LINK – http://limelinx.com/files/8d0c6c6daf93fec2d4eb96a736bf68bb

I am very excited and proud to introduce to the world the talented Avrey Smith,” says Willie.  “Its been a long time coming to get the Noivak Music movement off the ground, but its happening and we are very happy.  The sky is the limit for me, especially right now, as we are adding finishing touches to the third DAY26 upcoming album entitled “A New Day” and a new single coming shortly…I really can’t complain,” he adds.

Determined to provide society with realistic and relatable music, Avrey Smith has only scratched the surface of his musical endeavors. With his attention-grabbing dance moves and soothing melodies, Avrey envelops his audience while also taking them on an emotional journey.

Hailing from the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, this 21-year-old has drawn inspiration from his life experiences and the world around him. Just like many of his counterparts, Avrey grew up singing in church at a very young age. This was extremely instrumental in not only defining him as a vocalist but also enhancing his appreciation for his passion, music. “Growing up with my father, who was a church choir director, having a mother who sang, and singing in church at the tender age of 8, all made it quite obvious that I was destine to be a musician,” said the R&B singer. “From my very first performance, I knew I had to be an entertainer,” he added.

Eager to pursue every avenue within the music world, Avrey decided to become a technically trained instrumentalist. Influenced by jazz legends such as Slide Hampton and J.J. Johnson; Avrey began playing the trombone at age 11. It was also at this time that he discovered yet another hidden talent and of love of his. In an attempt to emulate one of his idols, Michael Jackson, Avrey grasped the attention of many through his incredible ability to dance. Before he knew it, Avrey was enrolled in hip-hop classes with some of the top-notch choreographers in the Chicagoland area. Now standing at 6 feet, 5 inches, Avrey is sure to catch your eye while on the dance floor, not only because of his stature, but also through his intense yet gracious body movements.

Whether it is by way of his music or his motions Avrey Smith makes one thing blatantly clear. He possesses a unique style and he will stay true to himself. “Performing is what I live for, but I also understand that I am my own person. I do what I love and that is to entertain. But no matter the circumstance, I will never sacrifice who I am to do what I love,” Avrey said. Currently a freshman music business major in college, Avrey understands the importance of both entertainment and education. “Advancing my knowledge and understanding of my craft will allow me to go further in music and in life. That’s what I love about college. It offers so much opportunity to grow as a musician and as a human-being,” said the up and coming R&B sensation.

His positive attitude and genuine personality can be felt with just one listen of his music. The young and the old, males and females, everyone can connect through Avrey’s captivating lyrics and smooth sound. With his whole life ahead of him, Avrey Smith will certainly continue to supply us all with quality music and breath-taking dance moves for years to come. “No matter what lies in the future, I will always keep it all about the music.”

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